7 English Words With Extremely Useless Spellings

You read some English words and want to throw some hands. Who was behind the spelling of these words? What was the thought process? Why did they borrow the word from another language? So many questions.

1. Diarrhea

How does a word spelled like “diarrhea” actually make sense as dai uh ree uh? Who invented this word? What was the reason?

2. Queue

Someone just lined up a bunch of useless letters behind Q. Why? I can only imagine the low self-esteem the letters “ueue” feel.

3. Crescent

Croissant woke up one day and decided to be kwa·son. The ‘r’ and ‘t’ are in the spelling for decoration. Don’t get me started on how all vowels sound different.

4. Underwear

Lingerie has the cutest spelling for a word that ends up being pronounced like laundry.

5. Charcuterie

Personally, I pronounce this word as “coochie fairy” and have no desire to learn the actual pronunciation. It’s a borrowed word, so I’m not surprised that the spelling and pronunciation is unnecessarily difficult.

6. Silhouette

Maybe it’s me who can’t spell sha because I suffered during the silhouette challenge last year.

7. Rhythm

People who borrowed rhythm from the Greeks forgot to borrow the second ‘y’ and now we all live in slavery to ‘rhythm’. There is definitely an easier way to spell the word, we just haven’t found it yet.

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