Beginner Tips for Doki Doki Literature Club Plus

The visual novel genre is a pretty safe and enjoyable genre that features great stories and amazing artwork without throwing a ton of gameplay into the mix. So it’s easy to see why many gamers don’t really bother trying out new entries in this genre unless they’re already invested in playing visual novels from the start. However, Doki Doki Literature Club is an exception to that norm, as it features mind-blowing storytelling and a clever deconstruction of genre tropes presented in a hugely satisfying way.

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Through Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!, which is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, players can try the most polished version of this game. More! is filled to the brim with new content that is sure to compel more people to try out this phenomenal title. New players joining Doki Doki Literature Club should keep the following tips in mind so as not to be caught off guard with some of the more obtuse elements of these games.

8 The game deals with some dark themes…so beware


In one look, Doki Doki Literature Club looks like a run-of-the-mill visual novel with cute characters that have their own interesting personalities. For the most part, players would assume that their main motive is to select their character of choice and engage in a bit of romance with them.

However, keep in mind that Doki Doki Literature ClubThe cute aesthetic of is nothing more than a facade that hides the true twisted personalities of its characters. There are many mature themes which are treated throughout the game, such as self-harm, suicide, abuse, jealousy and everything else along the same lines.


seven Enter this game as blind as possible for your first experience

doki doki literature club plus yuri natsuki sayori monika unlockable

This may seem counterproductive for the purpose of this article, but new players should ideally jump into Doki Doki Literature Club as blind as possible. This is the best way to face the events of the game with a fresh mind.

This way, the scares are more impactful and a fascinating experience. Players can still check the guides after completing their first playthrough, after all.

6 Don’t be surprised by the horror

A look at half of Yuri's jumpscare face in Doki Doki Literature Club

As indicated, Doki Doki Literature Club is a much darker game than most people would assume. This also applies to its horror, which comes out of nowhere and can scare the mind of an unsuspecting player.

If gamers really want to try this phenomenal game but don’t have an appetite for horror, then they should be aware of the U-turn. Doki Doki Literature Club made in terms of its genre. It goes from a cute dating sim to an outright horror title that tells a compelling and bizarre story through video games.

5 Choosing words while writing poems has different effects on different characters

Final poem by Yuri in Doki Doki Literature Club

Since the main character joins the Literature Club, it goes without saying that a big part of the game is writing poems which the player can show to the other characters in the club. These poems have a hidden mechanic that players need to be aware of if they want to seduce a particular girl in the game.

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Basically, players have access to a set of keywords that they can use when writing their poems. These words have different positive effects on each character, and players who want to date a particular girl should write a poem that specifically appeals to them.

4 Keep an eye on the files in the game folder to keep tabs on old and new files

The Girls of the Doki Doki Literature Club

Although it can be a pain, players should keep an eye out for Doki Doki Literature Clubfrom the Computer function or just check the files present in the main folder of the game. This is because the game adds some files in the middle of a game when the story takes its dark turn.

This is the point where Doki Doki Literature Club ends up throwing players for a loop. It is therefore best for players to be aware of these changes as they occur so that they are better equipped to deal with the horror that is about to ensue.

3 Don’t delete a certain file earlier than it should be

Monika from the Doki Doki Literature Club

After some time in the game, Monika will become self-aware and realize that she is nothing more than a video game character manipulated by the code that gave her such a broken personality. She realizes that the only way to have some control over her life is to delete everything and everyone in the game.

Players should delete her character file after a certain point to ensure that they manage to reach the end of this game. However, if players delete her file too soon, then Sayori will become self-aware, blame the player for everything and will close the game. Opening it reveals his suspended body, which is a horrific sight.

2 Unlock CG scenes for each character to get the best ending

Doki Doki Literature Club Characters

The normal end of Doki Doki Literature Club is quite bittersweet, with players not getting exactly the closure they might want. However, there is a better ending in the game which takes quite a bit of effort from the player.

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Players must unlock the special CG scenes for each character in the game, which brings Sayori back to the end. She praises the player for putting in the effort to make everyone happy, and the game ends with a message from creator Dan Salvato himself.

1 Check out mods after you are done with the game to clock more hours

A Brand New Day mod for Doki Doki Literature Club

Doki Doki Literature Club isn’t exactly the longest game of all time. It will only take a few hours for players to exhaust all the content in the game.

However, fans of this title need not lament the fact that this title is over. There are several mods players can download to add extra play time. Some mods are particularly respected within the fan base for being exemplary works in their own right.

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