BTS vs Ateez: Why did Seonghwa’s words lead to a war between the two K-pop fandoms?

While fan wars exist in all areas of pop culture, there are many in K-pop as fans try to protect their favorites from the prejudice and hatred that is always evident. But unfortunately, they end up putting other artists down while trying to defend their favorite artists. This can be seen once again in the new fan war between the BTS and Ateez fandoms. During Ateez’s last concert in Newark, Seonghwa’s final statement led to clashes between ARMY (BTS fans) and Atinys (Ateez fans).

Ateez’s Seonghwa often talked about his low self-esteem and wondered if he was worthy of the love fans gave him. He had also cried during a clip from 2019 where he expressed his concerns. However, he began to change that mindset and credited his growing self-confidence to Atinys. During Ateez’s last concert, Seonghwa shared, “Because of you [Atinys], I learned to love myself. And while self-love and mental health advocacy aren’t a new concept, some ARMYs felt that Seonghwa was “copying” BTS’s motto, love yourself.

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ARMY thinks Seonghwa is copying BTS

While trying to defend Seonghwa and Ateez, some Atinys also ended up rejecting BTS, which made the problem out of proportion. Sadly, even Seonghwa got wind of it by posting a selfie with the caption “I will protect Atiny” to lighten the mood. Well, ARMY and the more mature Atinys have also come together in hopes of ending the fan war.

The incident began when an American K-pop reporter tweeted Seonghwa’s words out of context, causing some ARMYs to wonder if the Ateez star was quoting BTS’s RM, “That sounds exactly like Namjoon…wait until Namjoon said that!” He then escalated, “F**K SEONGHWA AND F**K ATEEZ AND F**K Y’ALL FOR SAYING SH*T ABOUT BTS BEFORE YOUR FAVS COPY AND PASTE IT.” We then had a tweet from Atiny, “Ateez sold the prudential center a year after debut while bts sold the prudential center 3 years after their career started, I will say my boys are doing great!”

“He doesn’t copy BTS”

One ARMY replied, “Ateez is popular because BTS made Kpop popular around the world. Never forget who paved the way. Another tried to explain why they were angry: “It has nothing to do with seonghwa at all. It’s the hypocrisy of how some are praising him when they’re the ones dismissing the BTS Love Yourself concept as a gimmick. One ARMYtiny slammed toxic BTS fans, “Seonghwa has always talked about his self-esteem issues since his debut and he wants to talk about how he was finally able to find self-love after all the love he has. received from atinys so i promise he’s not copying bts now y’all can loosen up and leave ateez the f**k alone.

“Self-love is not a cute concept or something to keep to yourself”

Another ARMY explained, “We as armies know how hard bts have struggled and how they have been treated by fans of other bands and yet you do the same for ateez. so come on.” An ATINY was upset, “You say it’s because bts themselves were belittled by this post in 2017 but atz is being praised for it that’s why you shit on atz for doing the same do you NOT get along like can’t you see how wrong this whole sentence and mentality is SH was open about his own struggles and sent a positive message to atinys aka his own fans and you are all here, downplaying his struggles, a positive message that you and your fav+ are meant to be everything. One fan was candid, “What bothers me is that this is way more important than seonghwa saying this .self love is not a concept or something cute to keep to yourself and the fact that you keep making jokes about it shows that you don’t care about bt5 or their message lmao at all .

An Atiny tried to focus on Seonghwa: “It was seonghwa before and after. I am so happy to see how much he has grown over the years. he really deserves so much. One fan tried to joke, “Bts and ateez are both talented, successful and hot as f**k, so why exactly are they arguing.” Another pointed out, “BTS and Ateez, both of them had worked so hard, nothing was easy for them, they had no privileges, they came from small businesses, asked people to come to their concerts in the streets. , industry abuse, xenophobia like Well, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it.

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