Can Bryce Hubbart regain his dominant form against BC?

FSU Baseball (27-17, 12-11 ACC) earned a well-deserved 10-4 win over the Boston College Eagles on Saturday afternoon.

The Noles used Boston College’s 13 hits and six errors to even the series heading into Sunday’s rubber game. FSU pitcher Bryce Hubbart will get the start in what will be his second straight Sunday start after usually pitching on Saturdays this year. Hubbart dominated early in the year, nearly matching Parker Messick’s dominance, but those results haven’t been on the cards for Hubbart in his final starts.

His stats against TCU have been dismissed since the game was canceled, but he hasn’t been particularly dominant against a team that isn’t great offensively. Hubbart went 5.2 innings against Clemson, allowing seven hits, three earned runs, one walk and no strikeouts. Hubbart went 5.1 innings against Louisville, allowing five hits, one earned run, two walks and six strikeouts on 92 pitches. Hubbart went 4.1 innings against Georgia Tech, allowing seven hits, four earned runs, two walks and three strikeouts. Hubbart went 3.1 innings against Notre Dame, allowing three hits, two earned runs and two strikeouts.

We have to go back to Hubbart’s March 26 start against Duke to see him go five innings. He still allowed eight hits in seven innings, with one walk and four strikeouts. Louisville, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame and Clemson have good offenses, but he doesn’t go deep into games and get the swing and miss we’re used to seeing from Hubbart. He seems to have lost some zip on his fastball, which is why teams are facing him more than usual and why his strikeouts have dropped significantly. Hubbart has been consistently good, bringing a 3.02 ERA in Sunday’s start against Boston College.

He finds ways to get the guys out and not give up a ton of runs even if he finds himself fighting more with runners on base. It’s a testament to his growth as a pitcher, but Sunday would be a great opportunity for Hubbart to regain that dominance. Boston College hits a ton and isn’t a good hit for an average team. The Noles desperately need a victory on Sunday to keep their chance of hosting a regional. A quality start from Hubbart would go a long way to keeping that hope alive.

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