Captain America’s final form is the exact opposite of Ultron

A future version of Captain America who was the opposite of Ultron took up the shield to fight the humans for robot supremacy.

In a world where AI machines try to free themselves from their human creators, Captain America the final form turned out to be the exact opposite of the villainous Ultron. In Marvel Knights: Millennial Vision #1, a new Captain America has emerged in the name of the AI ​​to lead a revolution. However, unlike Ultron, Captain America did not want to control the humans who enslaved him, but instead wanted the AI ​​machines to find their own agency.

marvel’s millennial vision The series gave up-and-coming creators the chance to create the new evolution of heroes in twisted versions of the future. The results were largely bizarre yet ambitious redesigns of iconic heroes and villains. Blade became an almost unrecognizable hero after the vampires were forced into hiding. The Inhumans’ Lockjaw has been turned into a burrow. Moon Knight’s daughter took the role in her place. Danny Rand and Misty Knight became the new Power Man and Iron Fist after the deaths of Luke Cage and Colleen Wing. Each short story put heroes and villains in dire situations where evolution helped them survive in their respective realities – like new AI Captain America, who fought to survive in a world where humans enslaved his kind.


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Inside JH Williams’ Captain America Story Marvel Knights: Millennial Vision #1, humanity and the mutant species were considered equal after years of war against each other. Sentient artificial intelligence became the norm, humans used robots to perform tasks they no longer wanted to do. However, the AI ​​eventually became modern slaves aware of their enslavement. The AI ​​would comb through history to find a beacon of hope to lead its revolution, creating a hero based on Captain America.

Acting the opposite of Ultron, the new Captain America initially did not want to enslave or subjugate humanity. Instead, the AI ​​Captain America sought to answer if he would fight with words or weapons and if the AI ​​could live alongside those who originally enslaved them. Instead of taking an immediately lethal approach like Ultron, Captain America wanted to know more before attacking or making peace with humanity.

Although the story of AI Captain America has no resolution, it seems very likely that he would choose peace over war. Part of the reason the AI ​​decided to create its leader was to find its own agency and show humanity that it could live among them – like mutants and humans. AI Captain America took Ultron’s opposite approach – and asked questions before causing destruction.

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