Carnage Takes A New Form From The Last Villain You’d Expect

Carnage is a brutal Spider-Man villain, and now with no host to bond to, Carnage has forcibly enlisted Hydro-Man to aid him in his new schemes!

Warning: Spoilers for Carnage Forever #1!

The Marvel symbiote known as Carnage recently struck alone, and now he’s taking on a new form thanks to the villainous Spider-Man known as Hydroman! This longtime Spidey thief may be at the bottom of the evil villain spectrum, but now that the new hostless Carnage is looking for him, fans might want to take a better look at this watery villain and what he can offer to an already mortal enemy.

seen in Carnage Forever #1, this issue gives fans some quick stories centered around Marvel’s most villainous symbiote with the short film titled “Unmade In His Image”, by Ram V and Salvador Larroca, acting as a prologue for the new Carnage series launching later. this month. And as fans prepare for this highly anticipated premiere, Ram V writer takes its time to set up an intriguing new direction for the character, made especially interesting by the addition of the latest villains fans should see.


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Breaking into Hydro-Man’s location dripping through the sprinkler system like the gooey blob that he is, Carnage proceeds with a bloody swath of death and destruction through the Guardians. prison on the way to Hydro-Man’s holding cell. Having recently lost his longtime human host to Cletus Kasady only to develop the rare ability to survive and thrive without him, Hydro-Man initially believes that Carnage intends to partner with him as he understands that symbiotes don’t can’t last long without binding to something organic. . But what happens next is far from using Hydro-Man as a host, because what Carnage has in mind is something far worse.

Carnage and New Form Hydro-Man

Wrapping his slimy tendrils around Hydro-Man’s swirling water form, Carnage asks, “Why would I take you as my host when I only desire your power?” Why should I bond with you when all I have to do is tear you apart?” succinctly telling readers that this new version of Carnage has far different plans than his old self had ever envisioned before. Use his symbiote to restrain Hydroman as he writhes in pain (could he even absorb it?), Carnage is given a much bulkier and monstrous frame, his killer smile and glowing eyes to complete the look.

Not needing a host to act as an independent body, Carnage taking on a new form by stealing Hydro-Man’s powers is a terrifying thought for the Marvel Universe. Not only is Carnage now freer than he’s ever been, but the fact that he inexplicably chooses a Spider-Man villain who isn’t exactly the first to come to mind in almost every situation indicates to fans that something more sinister lurks around the corner. from the mind of Carnage, his next solo series is no doubt set to explore these dark ideas. And proclaiming that he wants to see how far he can go without Cletus, taking on a new form with the power of Hydro-Man in tow, will be a compelling thread to follow as Carnage continues to evolve as a separate entity.

Carnage and Hydro-Man make an odd couple, but with this newly single symbiote choosing to use Hydro-Man for his powers rather than as a host, Carnage Forever #1 gives fans a fun new form for him that teases what’s to come next for this iconic character. The exact reason for Carnage socket HydromanThe powers of may still be unknown, but knowing the evil nature of this new and improved symbiote, that can’t be good.

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