Case study: When short video enables long video

Mumbai: What is the most striking feature in common between ‘Mirzapur: Season 2’, ‘Bigg Boss: Season 15’ and Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021? All three are expensive and entertaining OTT releases over the past year. But an even more compelling factor is that they have captured the attention of the public via several campaigns hosted on the Josh short video app. This is indicative of a broader model, in which OTT platforms now see the growing benefit of reaching audiences through local short video apps.

Beginning of Josh’s OTT saga

India has a voracious appetite for video content. The success story of these offerings shows that short and long-form videos proactively meet the content needs of users across the country. The boom in video content, which started at the start of the pandemic, with almost 350 million people consuming online videos in India, will only soar. According to a report by Bain & Company, it is further expected to reach 600-650 million by 2025. While short videos provide users with quick and easy-to-consume content, long videos fulfill their informational needs. in-depth content with a longer viewing experience.

A new trend that has emerged lately is that OTT platforms are leveraging these consumption models in conjunction with short-form video platforms to promote their own content and reach wider audiences. This is where Josh’s saga with popular OTT platforms begins. The app has designed and curated some of the most successful campaigns using hashtags, soundboards, filters, and influencers to promote a variety of web series, movies, sports leagues, and reality shows.

Promote web series

As part of a long-standing partnership with Amazon Prime Video, Josh has promoted several popular Prime productions such as “Mirzapur season 2”, “Sherni”, “Jai Bhim”, “Sarpatta” and “Malik”. The partnership delivers dramatic results with the most popular campaign earning over 170 million video views, 5.5,000 UGC videos and over 15 million hearts.

Additionally, Josh’s partnership with Voot has resulted in some exciting campaigns for the new season of the popular reality TV show “Bigg Boss”. Two campaigns, the #BiggBoss15AsliFan and the #BiggBossOTTChallenge, were launched to promote Season 15. With unique soundboards specific to different local languages, dynamic filters and hashtags to enhance foreground recall, they garnered a total of 654+ million video views, over 30,000 UGC videos and over 51 million cores.

What is interesting is that Josh’s election campaign is not limited to web series but also covers other entertainment genres such as music, movies, and sports, among others.

Amplify sporting challenges

Sports broadcasts have an inherent tendency to attract audience frenzy. With his reach and amplifying power, Josh added to the existing thrill with grassroots campaigns.

For the Abu Dhabi T-10 league on Voot, Josh created filters, video transitions and a theme song. The challenge has succeeded in its engagement mission, garnering over 272 million video views, over 12 K UGC videos, and over 21 million hearts. To organically promote the latest season of IPL and the anthem created by Nucleya for Teams with Disney+ Hotstar, an influencer-led campaign titled #IndiaKiVibeAlagHai has been created. Josh’s top creators were given free rein to pick any team they wanted and amp up the tournament on the app. The campaign garnered over 16 million video views, over 50 influencer videos and over 310,000 hearts.

When the Pro Kabaddi League returned to our screens for its latest edition on Star Sports, the app promoted it via a fun and engaging #LePanga challenge. Creating a sports-centric hook stage, dynamic filter, eye-catching soundboard, the campaign garnered over 179 million video views, over 5.9 K UGC videos and over 13.9 million hearts .

The power of Bharat’s short video

As an app for short home videos, Josh has an understanding of the local context. Using his effortless tact of connecting with local audiences, he helped create a captivating campaign for Zee Bangla’s show “Uma”. Using the hashtag #UmaChallenge, which is based on the show’s cricket theme, users were asked to balance a ball on a bat for 10 seconds. The app has helped the platform reach a large Bengali user base in the country, creating over eight million video views, over 140 UGC videos and over 630K hearts.

Summarizing the impact of Josh’s local reach, Sunil Kumar Mohapatra, Chief Innovation Revenue Officer at VerSe, said, “As a home-made short video app, we understand Bharat users and their content needs. As OTT platforms increasingly cater to Bharat’s local language content needs, we at Josh, leveraging our community of talented creators and understanding of the local context, enable these platforms ways to reach a wider and more relevant audience, as we operate at the intersection of our user preferences, creators’ needs and brand propositions.”

Indeed, short video platforms are becoming an increasingly viable route for OTT platforms to promote their content largely due to their snacking quality. The method of promotion is becoming even more effective given the rise of local language content and local short video apps that have cracked the code of engagement for that content and its audience.

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