“Class attracts class and surpasses form” – 30 quotes of the week on leadership and entrepreneurship

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Leaders need to decentralize decision-making and hold managers accountable. – Geeta Gurnani, Microsoft India

True leadership is about building a high performing team and having a lasting impact. -Asha Kurup, Infosys

The process of creating the next level of leadership is about giving a chance and embracing new ideas, going beyond functional skills, and creating leaders under your direction. – Chinu Kala, Ribbon Accessories

Leaders don’t need to be experts in everything, but what you need to be good at is prioritizing the problem that really needs to be solved and who to work with to get it done. – Swati Bhargava, Cash Karo

If you only spend several days making a decision, you are not a fast-growing startup. – Rahul Sasi, CloudSEK

As entrepreneurs, we cannot be specialists in everything, we do well to be generalists. – Anshul Agarwal, Metaqube

There should be courses that offer solutions to initial challenges faced by startups or mentorship programs that can help make entrepreneurs independent. – Aditi Kapur, The History of Leather

One of the main things founders should really focus on is making sure the product is extremely differentiated. The second is constantly listening to the needs of consumers to create what they really want. – Malika Sadani, The Moms Co.

Don’t let anything stop you, also stay open to always learn and ask for help. When you ask for what you need, nothing really stops you. – Radha Ramaswami Basu, iMerit Technology Services

When you believe in something so strongly, it becomes very easy to sell it to other people. – Prakruti Gupta Rao, The Kaftan Company

Mentors can help you create a plan that matches your current thoughts. – Arti Gusain, Infosys Leadership Institute

Unfortunately, the term ‘sustainability’, while vital, is sometimes interpreted as being accessible only to the wealthy. – Abhinayah Sundaramoorthy, The Yellow Abode

Less chemical and floral waste means cleaner rivers. -Alia Bhatt

Aquaculture is about growing your water, and we need to build the sustainability of the whole ecosystem. – Rajamanohar ‘Raj’ Somasundaram, Aquaconnect

Every meal still does the grain the star. – Deepa Kannan, PFNR

There is not a single player who provides a range of products like low carb, keto, high protein and multigrain under one umbrella. – Apoorva Gururaj, in the form of Foodio

Our sleep is influenced by multiple factors related to our lifestyle, physical health, emotional health and external environment. And it varies from person to person. -Surbhi Jain, Neend

Increase the participation of women and create a balanced representation women and men in all sectors will restructure everything. It is time to create a more favorable environment for women within companies. -Pooja Bangad, SheWork

In a world where work-life balance is a myth, the concept of being torn between your children and work needs to be normalized – for us and for our children. – Pooja Sriram Belur, Amma’s work at home girlfriend

When working on gender equality, it is essential to work with both men and women, as it is equally important for men to realize the presence of a female partner or member in their life and family. – Sara Abdullah Pilot, CEQUIN

Hire without bias initially, ensure diversity from inception. Enough studies show that women tend to hire more women. And that paves the way for diversity throughout the organization. – Divya Gokulnath, BYJU’S

Arriving at the best solutions requires a diversity of skills and thought processes. A one-dimensional organization will never achieve decisive results. – Chandrika Kasturi, P&G

When we undertake an initiative around diversity and inclusion, we often forget to do so with the same kind of rigor that we apply to business or revenue-generating initiatives. – Rachna Bahadur, BYJU’S

You need to have a very inclusive culture to really listen to people and understand them. – Manikandan Thangarathnam, Uber

Professionally, not everyone can hit a ball out of the park every over. Similarly, not everyone can continue to work daily. – Ravi Jain, PayCraft Solutions

Failure is an option here. If things aren’t failing, you aren’t innovating enough. – Elon Musk

An organized deal flow will not only end up saving time and costs for investors, but will also multiply the value of their investments – the sole objective of an investor. – Amit Jain, StartupBay

Art is an innate and unique expression of color imagination and creativity. It’s “me” time. – Anupama NG

Virtual collaboration brings a broad and diverse skill set to a project. – Ira Pradhan, Freshworks

If you build the right Culture, hire the right people, the business results will come. -Kirthiga Reddy

Three fundamentals pillars understand your organization – how it operates and grows, its value system and its culture. – Sammeer Saurabbh, HDFC Securities

Class attracts class and surpasses form. – Virendra Gupta, VerSe Innovations

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