Daredevil’s powers take on their most stunning form yet in Peach Momoko Art

Peach Momoko’s new Marvel Daredevil features a stunning take on the character’s powers, as the hero leaps into the night.

Warning! Spoilers for Daredevil #1 by Marvel Comics

In a stunning new cover from superstar artist Peach Momoko, daredevil and his powers get a wonderful rendition showing the man without fear falling as the night sky builds around him. In the art that will appear on the next daredevil #1 from Marvel Comics, the hero descends into the darkness protecting Hell’s Kitchen, as the stars and sky form around him. The beautiful art shows the powers of Matt Murdock in one of their finest forms.

Thanks to an accident that blinded Matt Murdock as a child, Daredevil has some of the most incredible powers in all of Marvel Comics. More than just a stick-trained fighter, Daredevil has superhuman senses that give him heightened touch, smell, hearing, and taste. However, one of the hero’s coolest powers related to his super-senses is his echolocation or radar sense, where he uses vibration and sound to identify enemies, objects, and shapes. Although he has lost his sight, Murdock can navigate using his radar senses. Daredevil’s powers take incredible form in a stunning new cover from Peach Momoko.


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Peach Artist Momoko (Demonic Days: X-Men) shared his new Marvel Comics cover for daredevil #1, where she brings her unique style to the upcoming series. Momoko is no stranger to creating beautiful works of art, but her take on Daredevil’s powers makes this one of her most stunning works to date. On the cover, Daredevil, painted almost entirely red, can be seen diving with the night sky at his back as his surroundings slowly form around him. The red on a white background could represent his radar senses as they form when he falls. This is a shiny Momoko cover.

With daredevil #1 from Marvel Comics depicting the next chapter in the critically acclaimed Daredevil series from Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checcheto, having Momoko do a cover showcasing the hero’s powers is a smart move. The 2021 Eisner Award winner for Best Cover Artist has become a fan-favorite cover artist among comic book readers because it seems like every major Marvel Comics release features at least one cover by the Japanese artist.

For readers looking to purchase Peach Momoko’s stunning new cover showcasing Daredevil’s powers, the standard variant is available for pre-order now at their local comic book store. There will also be a 1:100 incentive variant available (meaning stores will receive one copy for every 100 standard issues ordered) that will feature the image without the trade dress. daredevil #1 from Marvel Comics hits comic book stores and online retailers on July 13, 2022.

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