DC’s Deadpool Parody Is Essentially Wade Wilson’s Terrifying Form

The Suicide Squad just met DC’s own version of Deadpool, and its odd design accurately represents Wade Wilson’s gruesome nature.

SPOILER WARNING for Suicide Squad #11!

the suicide squad crosses the multiverse and has just come face to face with DC Comics’ own version of dead Pool. Just one of many Marvel parodies found on Earth-8, DC’s parody of the Merc with a Mouth nods to Wade Wilson’s true ugly nature.

These days, most people are familiar with the ever-lovable Deadpool. Although he pisses off many of his fellow heroes, he won the hearts of readers with his chaotic antics and witty fourth-wall-breaking sense of humor. His adventures can be gruesome, as he’s certainly not averse to using violence, but his childish demeanor somehow manages to give him an air of innocence. Still, if fans look past some of his more positive qualities, they’ll find that Deadpool’s story is filled with countless unsettling moments. DC noticed this and delivered a slightly more realistic portrayal of who Wade really is.


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With Amanda Waller’s plan to take over Earth-3 in full swing suicide squad #11, by Robbie Thompson, Dennis Hopeless, Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, Dexter Soy, Marcelo Maiolo, and Dave Sharpe, she sends Task Force X on one last mission to Earth-8. Upon arriving, the Suicide Squad are quickly confronted by a team of Avengers called the Retaliators, complete with pastiches of Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, and more. Waller informs her band of criminals that she is testing their ruthlessness, and while most of the team is opposed to the murder, Major Force unleashes enough violence that the Retaliators are forced to retreat. After their opponents escape, however, the members of Task Force X have no time to rest, as they encounter the Lightning Strikes, a nod to Marvel’s Thunderbolts. This new team features even more parodies of famous Marvel characters, including a creepy clown-assassin called Blood Pouch, Earth-8’s equivalent to Deadpool. Unfortunately, the issue ends on a cliffhanger so readers can’t see the Lightning Strikes in action, but even a glimpse of Blood Pouch is pretty chilling.


In all reality, portraying Deadpool as a horrible “murderous clown” is perfect. While his usual costume gives him big eyes and makes him feel harmless, he’s committed some of the most depraved acts in comics. His first treatment of Blind Al saw him treat her like a prisoner, going so far as to lock her in a bladed torture chamber called “the box” where she couldn’t move, as in dead Pool #10 by Joe Kelly, Shannon Denton and Nathan Massengill. He also did less lethal things like Kitty Pryde’s uppercut just to spite Wolverine in dead Pool #27 by Joe Kelly, Walter McDaniel, and Whitney McFarland, then fly and wear female X-Men clothing whenever he gets the chance. While his relationship with Blind Al has certainly improved and the X-Men are still willing to call him on missions from time to time, it’s hard to forgive many of Deadpool’s most horrific acts, especially since he continues to make deplorable choices even today.

There’s no denying that Deadpool’s stories can be hilarious, but some of his actions are truly gruesome. Without his charisma and childish tendencies, he would probably be considered a villain by the majority of people. DC’s Blood Pouch capitalizes on this, portraying the regenerative degenerate as a cold-blooded killer hiding under a clown’s mask. It’s unclear how exposed readers will be DC’s take on Deadpool, but it’s possible the new character could give some fans second thoughts about only dwelling on Wade Wilson’s softer side. That said, it is unlikely suicide squad #11 will have a great impact on Dead Pool popularity, try as DC Comics could be able.

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