Emirates Literature Foundation initiative sees 516% increase in Arab author profiles

“Kateb Maktub is an ambitious, yet much needed project. It builds on our enthusiasm for the Arabic language and the mission of the Emirates Literature Foundation to support and nurture the love of literature in the UAE and throughout the region. As part of this mission, we want to help readers around the world discover the wealth of talented writers we have in the UAE and the wider Arab world,” said Ahlam Bolooki, Director of the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. “It has been very gratifying to witness the success of the initiative in the short time that has elapsed since its launch and we must remember the tremendous efforts of contributors, volunteers and editors who made this success possible.”

Ahlam continued, “We all share a vision to put Arab authors and their great cultural contributions in the spotlight, positioning them on an equal footing with the other great literary powers of the world.”

The Emirates Literature Foundation joined ISNI as a registration agency in January 2021, and as part of Kateb Maktub, the foundation will award the International Standard Name Identifier – ISNI – to Arab authors. The ISNI is a 16-digit number that is uniquely assigned to each author, and is essential to avoid any ambiguity of identity online or offline, where names may be spelled differently, including in translation.

Kateb Maktub’s efforts and experience have been the cornerstone of the Wikimedians of the United Arab Emirates User Group, the first user group to form within the GCC, which contributes to the initiative’s strategy. expand online content to showcase various aspects of life in the UAE and the region, such as arts, business, tourism, science, history, etc. The strategy is based on the belief that freely available information in Arabic is the foundation of a strong cultural economy.

Kateb Maktub’s team calls on avid readers interested in literature, traditional and digital publishers and published authors to sign up as volunteers and support the initiative’s goal of achieving tangible change in the reality of digital Arabic literature.

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