Even Galactus’ Ultimate Form Couldn’t Compete With Hulk’s Son

Galactus’ ultimate form is capable of destroying thousands of planets at once, but he still couldn’t beat the Hulk’s forgotten son, Hiro-Kala.

Whereas Galactus is one of the most powerful beings in Marvel Comics, PontoonHiro-Kala’s son eventually succeeded in enslaving him and turning him into an even more devastating cosmic weapon. While Galactus only destroys one world at a time, Hiro-Kala has found a way to use it to destroy countless planets. In the process, he would also have destroyed Galactus himself.

Hiro-Kala is one of the two sons of Hulk and Caiera, from the planet Sakaar. While his brother Skaar had the spirit of their dead mother to guide him, Hiro-Kala was unknown to him and relatively powerless and thus enslaved. However, when Sakaar was destroyed by Galactus, Hiro-Kala gained access to the Ancient Power, a Sakaaran version of the Power Cosmic, and rose to lead his people. Hiro-Kala even became the pioneer of a new power by combining the Old Power and the Cosmic Power, called the New Power. While Hiro-Kala’s rise to power may be satisfying given his destitute roots, this son of the Hulk’s villainous tendencies makes his meteoric rise an incredible threat. And in the kingdom of kings event, it was revealed to be destined to destroy countless planets.


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In Realm of Kings: Son of Hulk #4, written by Scott Reed and drawn by Miguel Munera, the Enigma Force Nullifier reveals to explorer Arcturus Rann the future that Hiro-Kala will adopt if he is not stopped – one that had been hinted at in previous issues then that Galactus communicated through time. Hiro-Kala is shown to have poisoned and enslaved Galactus, turning him into a vessel for the old power. This, combined with Galactus’ own stores of the Power Cosmic – built into his body over millennia – transforms the former Eater of Worlds into a powder keg. Hiro-Kala blasts it, wiping out thousands of planets containing the Old Power. This would essentially bring ruin to the entire realm known as the Microverse.

This event would be a crowning achievement for Hiro-Kala. Not only would he be one of the most powerful entities in Marvel Comics, but he would also exact revenge on Galactus for the destruction of his homeworld. He would finally step out of his father’s shadow and claim his place as one of the most destructive beings in the universe. Given his history of being unknown to other members of his family, becoming such a prominent figure would likely resolve much of his family baggage, as well as fulfilling his mission to eliminate the Old Power from reality.

Fortunately, this future was averted in the main Marvel Universe thanks to Arcturus Rann’s prescience, which he used to split the timeline into a new future by confronting Hiro-Kala. Nonetheless, Hiro-Kala’s incredible power confirmed that the Hulk’s forgotten son was even more powerful and dangerous than his father, and capable of not only making Galactus deadlier than ever, but destroying him soon after.

Hiro-Kala’s story is a tragedy of epic proportions, and his intentions for the world devourer have shown him to be more than capable of living up to his father’s “World Breaker” title. PontoonThe son of was destined to become one of the most dangerous beings in the Marvel Universe, and while comic book fans know his brother Skaar best, Hiro-Kala is the one who really announces the death of anyone crazy enough. to cross it, even if they possess the divine power to Galactus.

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