Galactus’ most terrifying form has a power too disturbing for the MCU

The effects of the Cancerverse’s Galactus Engine on reality are so disturbing that they could never be shown in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The most terrifying form taken by the Devourer of Worlds, Galactus, is so powerful that nothing in the Marvel Universe can resist it. The effects of the Galactus Engine on reality are so disturbing that they could never be shown in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel fans have been waiting years for Galactus’ debut in the MCU. Whatever form the Eater of Worlds takes, be it its classic appearance or a more modern twist, it will surely have nothing to do with the Galactus Engine, a monstrous construct from the nightmarish reality of the Cancerverse. While another Rocket Racoon once weaponized the Cancerverse, this is easily one of Marvel’s most disgusting realities. In this universe, through the evil influence of the Many-Angled-Ones (entities similar to the Great Old Ones in H. P. Lovecraft’s stories), life has conquered death forever, turning reality into a corrupt, eternal corpse beneath control of these chthonic entities. At the height of war of kingsan inhuman T-bomb detonated during the battle between Black Bolt and Vulcan, creating a breach (known as the Rift) in this corrupted universe, leading to a full-scale invasion.


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Initially, Cancerverse forces such as the twisted Revengers were held at bay by the assembled power of cosmic heroes, such as Nova and Quasar, bolstered by the arrival of several cosmic higher beings, including Galactus, his former rivals Aegis, and Tenebrous. . , and a host of Celestials. However, the leader of the Cancerverse, Lord Mar-Vell, deployed his most powerful weapon, the Galactus Engine, the ultimate weapon created by the Many-Angled-Ones by rearranging and infusing with eldritch energies the immortal body of the Galactus. of the Cancerverse. The Galactus Engine was so huge that it dwarfed cosmic beings, who were unable to contain it for long. The first to fall is Aegis, followed by Arishem the Judge and three other Celestials. The way the engine kills these entities, however, is what makes this abomination truly creepy.

By nature, still being Galactus, one of the abstract entities in the universe, engine battles take place on both a physical and metaphysical level. During combat with its positive Universe peers, the effects are not immediately visible to mortals who witness them, but once the engine wins, it effectively asserts the rules of the Cancerverse upon its victims, making the result tangible. for everyone. When the engine beats Aegis, his head bursts into a violent burst of cancerous life. What’s really happening here is that the Galactus Engine is overwriting the cosmic laws of the normal universe with those of Marvel’s own Lovecraftian reality, but the visuals of this event are gruesome.

The Galactus Engine could not be defeated, and it was only destroyed when Thanos, the Avatar of Death, managed to reintroduce his Mistress into the Cancerverse, instantly destroying the Many-Angled-Ones and their creations. . However, The Galactus Engine had left every species that faced it, including The Celestials, in ruins. Such a horrible creation, described by the Silver Surfer as a “blasphemy“, was one of the greatest threats the universe has ever faced, but the disgusting effects of his presence mean that this twisted version of Galactus will probably never make its way into the MCU.

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