Goku’s NEW Ultra Instinct is his most powerful Dragon Ball form ever

Goku’s battle against Gas has just unlocked his Ultimate Form – a reimagined version of Ultra Instinct that allows him to fully harness his emotions.

Warning: contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85!

A new and improved version of Ultra Instinct has just debuted in Dragon Ball Superand this powerful transformation can simply be Gokustrongest form of all time. The series has recently moved away from the classic Super Saiyan variations that made its predecessor dragonball so famous, for focusing on Goku and Vegeta’s unique brand of divine ki, Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego. The two Saiyan warriors needed to move fast to stand a chance against Gas, the universe’s strongest fighter, and it seems Goku succeeded, unleashing a new version of Ultra Instinct that makes Gas tremble in fear.


Ultra Instinct was originally taught to Goku by Whis, an angel, who explained that this technique separates consciousness from the body, allowing him to move and fight independently of thoughts and emotions. Angels are constantly in this state, which is recognized as a truly divine technique, one that could make the user unbeatable even by the gods. Goku achieved this transformation in the fight against Jiren due to being leaned against a wall but has since been unable to control it, having trouble completely suppressing his emotions. Even after obtaining Perfected Ultra Instinct, Goku was unable to maintain this form for very long, due to the extreme impact on his body. In the fight against Gas, Vegeta’s Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego seemed useless against the warrior’s overwhelming power, gained through a wish in the Dragon Balls, so Goku and Vegeta were forced to push their limits once again.

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In dragon ball super chapter 85, the Prince of the Saiyans is the first to fight Gas, and his Ultra Ego form’s ability to grow more powerful as he takes damage finally seems to have an effect, but Vegeta collapses right after reaching its maximum power. In classic dragonball tradition, however, he gave Goku ample time to prepare, allowing him to ponder how best to use Ultra Instinct, a technique he has yet to master. Goku finally understands when he realizes that he will never be able to use the same Ultra Instinct as the Angels, which requires absolute calm and a quiet heart. Thus, Goku transforms into his own form of Ultra Instinct, which lacks the trademark silver hair. Rather than being calm, in this state Goku uses his emotions and turns them into strength, eventually overpowering Gas.

Dragon Ball Goku new ultra instinct

Goku’s new version of Ultra Instinct completely reverses the original concept of achieving a state of absolute calm and an empty mind. This was actually a major downside, as Goku’s power was overly influenced by his emotions, as proven during the fight against Granolah when Ultra Instinct’s accuracy decreased due to Goku’s confusion. However, this new form completely erases that weakness and turns it into a strength: Goku’s emotions become his fuel, allowing him to reach unprecedented levels of power. This transformation was foretold by Goku’s father, Bardock, who unknowingly used it against Gas when the two fought in the past. It seems, however, that Ultra Instinct’s other limitation – its limited duration – is still present, as Goku himself says in the chapter.

The true nature of Ultra Instinct and the full extent of its power have yet to be explored in the series. It could be that the “quiet mind” described by Whis was just a requirement to unlock this power, and then each user can develop it in their own way, just like Vegeta’s Ultra Ego is his own version of the power to a God of destruction. Anyway, given that Gas has expressed a wish to become the most powerful warrior in the universe and that Goku’s new Ultra Instinct has just made him stronger than Gas, this new transformation is undoubtedly the most powerful form that Goku never reached in the history of dragonball.

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