Grandmother’s last words inked on arm of Barrow granddaughters in poignant tribute

A passionate granddaughter had the last words she and her grandmother said to each other inked on her arm in a unique and poignant tribute.

Emma Pryor made a recording during one of her last visits to see her grandmother, she said, “I love you” and her grandmother Ann replied, “I love you too.”

Ann Pryor died less than two weeks later at the age of 87 on March 17.

She was later interred at Thornton Garden of Rest in Merseyside.

Emma, ​​from Barrow, originally planned to place the voice recording in a teddy bear, but later decided to have the tattoo created ‘so she would always be with me’.

The tattoo features the sound waves from the recording, with Forget-Me-Nots (Myosotis) flowers at the beginning and a heart symbol at the end.

Sharing photos of the new tattoo last week, she posted: “The photo doesn’t do it justice.

“The recording contains the last words my grandmother said to me – I absolutely love it, thank you Carly Sweet’Art Tattoo Studio.”

One user commented, “I love this idea, and I’m done with forget me not and a [heart] – Perfect.”

Another wrote: “Wow this is really amazing. I love it.”

A third added: “That’s a great idea.”

Emma, ​​35, said: “I originally did this to put on one of those bears that you hug and it speaks [it’s me saying I love you and her saying I love you too] but decided to have it put on me so she would always be with me.

“It’s so hard to lose them especially in Covid times – I was really lucky the restrictions weren’t so bad when we lost her and lucky to have the recording . It’s definitely something I will cherish forever.”

According to Wikipedia, a similar idea was started by an augmented reality app “Soundwaves Tattoo” created by Lazar Mihai in 2017.

A sound of five to 30 seconds is recorded and a sound wave is created from it using various software and then printed on paper.

The design is then inked onto the body line by line, and an image of the sound wave is then uploaded to the Internet.

Users can then use a sound wave app to scan and hear the audio message within.

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