Harley Quinn Takes on a Disgusting New Form as DC vs. Vampire Gets Even Darker

Harley Quinn emerged from DC vs. Vampires as one of the most essential survivors in history, but in the next issue could she become a monster?

Warning: Spoilers for DC Vampire Slayer #6

The resident troublemaker of the Suicide Squad harley quinn might be overdue for a terrifying makeover once dc the vampire slayer returns from his minor hiatus. The first half of the 12-issue limited series ends with a bang on the reveal of Nightwing having secretly been King of the Vampires this whole time. He makes his presence known by wiping out the entire Bat-Family, including ripping Batman’s heart out of his chest.

With the remaining members of the Justice League completely incapacitated or turned into vampires themselves, dc the vampire slayer #6 ends with the vampires taking over the world with Superman and Wonder Woman in their ranks. As it stands, there are only a handful of DC heroes left alive, with Harley Quinn among the survivors. That issue was released in March, and the series is currently on hiatus until mid-summer, extending the inevitable for audiences who are dying to see a follow-up to this massive cliffhanger.


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The public need not wait any longer because dc the vampire slayer returns for its seventh issue, written by James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg with art by Otto Schmidt, on July 5, 2022. In the meantime, a variant cover previewed by League of Comic Book Geeks by Francesco Mattina reveals a brutal transformation for Harley Quinn that potentially teases a vampiric future for Crime’s Cupid.

variant cover of DC VS VAMPIRES #7

It’s possible that the variant cover is just that, a fun variant cover that isn’t meant to have any real implications for the future of the storyline. However, in the spirit of fun, it doesn’t hurt to speculate what potential it might have if Harley Quinn ended up becoming not just a member of the undead, but a horrible member at that.

Harley Quinn has always shown an underlying threat to her skill set and taking that threat from a covert direction to an overt direction makes her an even bigger threat. That’s enough to make the current vampire army even more powerful than it already is. Then again, there’s also a chance that a vampire Harley Quinn might manage to use her newfound powers as a weapon against evil rather than an extension of it.

After all, the next DC Vampire Slayer: The Hunters one-shot teases that Damian Wayne could potentially be a vampire hunter and a vampire himself. There’s no reason Harley Quinn’s character can’t follow the same path. Fans will have to see which direction the harley quinn the character could be taken next when dc the vampire slayer #7 hits digital stores and local comic shops on July 5th.

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Source: League of Comic Book Geeks

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