Harmony Launcher and Asva Labs’ MetaLaunch Form Strategic Alliance

Harmony Launcher recently announced the formation of a strategic alliance with Asva Labs’ MetaLaunch. The collaboration will see Harmony Launcher work on its initiative to unleash a network of launchpads focused on equity and decentralization.

Known as the first multi-chain metaverse accelerator and launchpad, MetaLaunch is certainly suited to achieve this goal. The Asva Labs-backed platform helps gaming projects use blockchain and other technologies to raise the necessary funds for their growth.

With the help of MetaLaunch, Harmony Launcher will provide high-quality launchpad solutions to emerging projects trying to explore blockchain. As a result, the partnership will be critical to Harmony Launcher’s growth. The platform will explore new possibilities with MetaLaunch, offering easier ways to complete the onboarding process for emerging projects.

How would both companies benefit from the partnership? Here are some mutual benefits for them.

  • Harmony Launcher would lead MetaLaunch recommended and preferred IDOs to improve and speed up the fundraising experience for gaming projects.
  • MetaLaunch will benefit from massive community growth thanks to Harmony Launcher’s organic community members. The community will expose MetaLaunch and its solutions to the Harmony launcher ecosystem.

Harmony Launcher CEO Harshad Wagh talked about the recent development. According to Harshad, Asva Labs’ products are revolutionary, and Harmony Labs will also gain significantly by partnering with MetaLuanch. The platform will play a pivotal role in developing and improving the global Launchpad ecosystem, helping users find an equity-centric solution.

MetaLaunch offers exquisite fundraising and acceleration services to gaming and virtual world based frameworks. With the support of the Asvaverse ecosystem, the platform has many connections and expertise in the market. Thus, its partnership with Harmony Launcher seems like a natural decision for both parties.

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