How Camillo’s Bruno Form Reveals Madrigal’s Biggest Problem

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is a song that reveals many details about Bruno’s relationship with the Madrigal family and brings to light a major problem.

At Disney Encanta, Bruno de Carmillo’s form reveals Madrigal’s biggest problem. In the fantastic ensemble song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”, the Madrigal family explains their problems with Bruno. Up to this point in the film, Bruno is whispered, but the big song reveals much of the character’s backstory in a climactic moment. However, this song is about the perceptions of Bruno’s family, rather than Bruno himself.

During “We’re Not Talking About Bruno”, each family member describes a vision of Bruno that they use for the villain. When Carmillo changes shape to look like a version of Bruno, it’s especially creepy since that’s the part of the song that focuses on Bruno’s supposedly creepy appearance. In EncantoCarmillo’s power to change shape is used several times before this scene, but this is the only time Carmillo’s form differs drastically from the real person.


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In “We’re Not Talking About Bruno”, Carmillo’s Bruno form is fully green, which is the same green as Bruno’s powers. While it could be argued that Carmillo’s Bruno form is exaggerated to be creepy, it’s important to note that when the audience sees Bruno using his powers, his eyes turn green, but the rest of his body remains flesh-colored. . Carmillo’s interpretation of Bruno is purely related to his powers and the exaggeration of green clearly demonstrates this interpretation. Since Bruno’s powers prophesy the future, Carmillo and his family seem to misinterpret the prophecies as curses rather than predictions over which Bruno may have no control. In Encantothis is made even more evident in Carmillo’s verse in “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” with the line: “He sees your dreams and delights in your cries.” This line implies that Carmillo’s interpretation of Bruno is one who intentionally uses his powers maliciously.

Encanto We don't talk about Bruno Devastating meaning

Carmillo isn’t the only Madrigal who defines Bruno with his powers. However, Bruno de Carmillo’s form highlights the key problem with the Madrigal family: viewing individual members as just their powers. This is the issue that nearly tears the family apart. This comment is clearest with Alma who is obsessed with maintaining Madrigal magic, even at the expense of her family’s happiness. At first Encanto, Alma blames Mirabel for the disappearance of Madrigal’s powers without realizing the damage she herself is causing to Mirabel. Mirabel’s lack of powers isolates her from the rest of her family, and since her family only sees each member as their power, Mirabel feels like she has no role to play in the family.

Towards the end of Encanto, Mirabel realizes she doesn’t need a gift and helps Alma understand the error of her ways. When the Madrigal House collapses, Alma learns to cherish her family members as individuals. The last song “All of You” further emphasizes this point with the line: “You are more than just a gift.“All the suffering of the grandchildren is beginning to heal and Bruno is reintegrated into the family.

by Disney Encanto is full of visual symbols that enrich the animated film. The use of color in Encanto is used to transmit more than just Madrigal powers. Bruno’s green symbolizes his powers, but also Carmillo’s monstrous perception of him. This perception is shared by the other members of the Madrigal family but eventually they learn that Bruno is more than his gift.

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