How Secret Wars Helped Doctor Doom Reach His Most Powerful Form

Doom wielded cosmic power and defeated the Fantastic Four, but that had nothing to do with when he became God Emperor Doom.

Doctor Doom has always been one of the most imposing threats in the Marvel Universe. Few villains rival his malevolent power, and even they know how to approach the ruler of Latveria with caution. Since its beginnings in 1962 The Fantastic Four #5, by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Doom has spread its scourge of evil throughout the Marvel Universe.

While Doom is generally considered a Fantastic Four villain, the despotic ruler has faced nearly every major Marvel hero, including the Avengers, X-Men, and Doctor Strange. The infamous foe rarely faces true defeat, constantly thinking several moves ahead of his opponents.

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Through his cunning and conviction, Doom has gained immense power over the years. The first major case occurred in The Fantastic Four #57, by Lee and Kirby. Here, Doom invited the Silver Surfer to his castle, instilling in the Spaceway Sentinel a false sense of trust. Doom used this opportunity to steal the Surfer’s Cosmic Power for himself. Doom then used the Surfer’s power to ominously rampage across the world, leaving the Fantastic Four struggling to stop him.

How Doctor Doom Stole The Beyonder’s Cosmic Powers In Secret Wars

Years later, the original Secret Wars, by Jim Shooter, Mike Zeck and Bob Layton, placed Doom on Battleworld, along with other villains and heroes, in a competition of good against evil. Rather than compete, Doom attacked the Beyonder, the cosmic entity that brought him to Battleworld. Stealing the Beyonder’s abilities, Doom essentially became a god. When the heroes opposed him, Doom killed them all with a thought, though they inevitably rose to defeat him.

Finally, in The Fantastic Four #67, by Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo, Doom sacrificed his great love, Valeria, to a trio of demons, gaining immense sorcery powers. With this mystical power, Doom exacted revenge on the Fantastic Four. Indeed, the villain has trapped Franklin Richards in Hell, incapacitated Doctor Strange, tortured most of the Fantastic Four, and trapped Reed Richards in his magical library with no hope of stopping Doom’s revenge.

Of course, all of these examples pale in comparison to those from 2015. Secret Wars, by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic. In this epic storyline, the Multiverse perished after the final collision of the Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe. Doom, however, had previously stolen the power of a group of alien beings called Beyonders. With this power, Doom created his own “Battleworld” from the remains of various worlds across the multiverse.

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How Doctor Doom Ruled Battleworld As ‘God Emperor Doom’

Empowered by the slave Molecule Man, Doom became “God Emperor Doom”, ruler of Battleworld. For the next eight years, Doom twisted the memories of the inhabitants of Battleworld until they could no longer remember life before Battleworld. Doom ruled alongside his sheriff, Doctor Strange, and replaced Reed Richards by marrying this world’s Sue Storm and becoming the father of Franklin and Valeria, Reed’s children. Johnny Storm was exiled, becoming the sun of this world, and The Thing became the wall to protect the perimeter of Battleworld. The Future Foundation also became Doom’s science division. Doom even commanded a police force of Thors from across the multiverse, dubbed the “Thor Corps”, which enforced Doom’s law.

Even after the life raft, containing survivors from Earth 616, arrived, Doom’s power did not wane. Indeed, Doom easily assassinated a Phoenix-powered Cyclops, ripped out Thanos’ skeleton, and even defeated an Infinity Gauntlet-wielding Black Panther. Of course, the Panther was a distraction, allowing Molecule Man to partially strip Doom of his power. This allowed Reed Richards to defeat Doom in battle and restore the Multiverse, ending God Emperor Doom’s reign.

Doctor Doom might be the ultimate villain in the Marvel Universe. Still, it’s hard to imagine Doom achieving greater power than he did during Secret Wars.

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