Hulk’s New God-Powered Form Officially Replaces Thor

Hulk has taken on a new form as Thor as he receives a massive power-up from Odin, transforming the Jade giant into a God-powered hero.

Warning! Spoilers for Thor #26 by Marvel Comics

In a stunning transformation to counter Thor become the Pontoon, Hulk has received a divine upgrade and becomes the new God of Thunder. In Thor #26 in Marvel Comics, Bruce Banner and Odin decided to join forces to stop the combined hero Thor-Hulk. The result is that Thor is officially replaced by the Jade Giant, who ends up stealing his hammer Mjolnir and transforming into a new type of hero.

The strength and powers of Thor and Hulk collide in Marvel Comics’ ‘Banner of War’ crossover, as the Asgardian hero tries to bring Bruce Banner to justice for a deadly incident in which many innocent lives were lost . However, after reuniting with the Hulk and Iron Man showing up for battle wearing Celestial Hulkbuster armor, Thor transformed into his own version of the monster after the Jade Giant’s powers lost control and a Gamma blast blasted him. has transformed. Now, to fight against Thor-Hulk, Hulk becomes God-powered and wields Mjolnir with the help of Odin.


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In Thor #26 by Marvel Comics’ VC’s Donny Cates, Martin Coccolo, Matt Wilson, and Joe Sabino, Hulk attempts to take on the Hulked-out God of Thunder, quickly discovering that the combined hero’s powers are supercharged. After Thor-Hulk takes down the real thing, Bruce Banner gets help from Odin inside the engine room. Odin’s spirit tells Banner that Thor-Hulk is killing him, leading Banner to ask for a favor: make him worthy of Thor’s hammer and give him a divine enhancement. Odin eventually relents, as the Hulk transforms into Thor.

The Hulked-out Thor is shocked to see Hulk wielding Mjolnir and transforming into his version of the God of Thunder. The pair immediately lunged at each other, Thor-Hulk’s hand crashing into Mjolnir, causing an explosion so powerful it completely leveled the planet they were fighting on. In the end, Odin’s God Power upgrade for Hulk and Bruce Banner might be the only thing that can stop Thor-Hulk. Is the Hulk worthy? It’s unclear. Odin probably changed the enchantment on Mjolnir to make him able to lift and transform. Anyway, Hulk is the new Thor.

Donny Cates and co. have fun with the story, as they take Hulk vs. Thor to a whole new level by casting them into each other’s roles. Thor-Hulk seemed unstoppable, but with Odin’s divine upgrade to the Hulk, the Mjolnir-wielding hero might be able to stop the monster he accidentally created. Readers can see the Hulk’s Thor upgrade in Thor #26 by Marvel Comics, which is in comic book stores now.

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