Iron Man’s Most Twisted Form Turns His Healing Tech Into A Weapon

Iron Man transformed into a disgusting twisted monster after reading the Darkhold and turned one of his healing techniques into a powerful weapon.

Warning! Spoiler for The Darkhold Omega #1 by Marvel Comics

After being turned into a monster trying to temper his madness, Iron Man just released a new weapon that started out as healing nanotechnology. In The Darkhold Omega #1, a twisted Tony Stark and the Defiled Darkhold enter the Other Realm to stop the Elder God Chthon. As the villain sends his undead forces on the Tainted heroes, Iron Man shows off his reverse-engineered killer nanotechnology.

Iron Man has been given a facelift in the pages of the recently completed Darkhold crossover saga at Marvel Comics. Doctor Doom attempted to take the Darkhold, the book of dark magic, for himself, leading Scarlet Witch to intervene. Unfortunately, Doom accidentally awakened the Elder God Chthon, leading Wanda Maximoff to assemble a new team of Darkhold Defenders. But, after calling out Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Bolt, the Wasp, and Blade, the heroes were transformed into twisted versions of themselves after reading the Darkhold to temper their madness before entering the Other. Kingdom. Mayhem ensues as the twisted Darkhold Defiled stand ready to kill as their madness grows.


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In The Darkhold Omega #1 by Steve Orlando, Cian Tormey, Jesus Aburtov, Mark Deering, Roberto Poggi, Walden Wong, and VC’s Clayton Cowles, Scarlet Witch is attacked by the heroes she has chosen to stop Chthon. The Defiled Darkholds cannot control their madness, causing the magical hero to tie them up before sending them to the Other Realm. In the Dark Dimension, the Darkhold Defiled promises to defeat Scarlet Witch after destroying Chthon. As each hero shows off his dastardly new powers, like the Wasp using his wings like knives, Iron Man shows off his new weapon. He transforms his Nano-HKs, originally designed to shrink and kill bacteria, into an evolving weapon, killing some of Chthon’s undead forces in an instant.

Iron Man Marvel Comics

Fortunately, Scarlet Witch would arrive in the Other Realm and team up with Doctor Doom and the Darkhold Defiled to stop Chton from escaping. After absorbing the Darkhold, Wanda Maximoff sends Iron Man the twisted heroes back to Earth, where they return to their usual forms with their Darkhold memories intact.

Twisted and bloody Iron Man turned out to have an equally terrifying weapon suited to his disgusting new form. Turning his healing nanotech into a weapon of instant destruction is mega violent and a whole new destruction protocol for the armored hero. Luckily, the weapon was only used in the Other Realm against Chthon’s undead army, so the Darkhold Defiled version of Iron Man did no harm despite his madness. The Darkhold Omega #1 by Marvel Comics is in comic book stores now.

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