Marvel’s BLUE Hulk form gave the strongest Avenger even more power

Hulk is no stranger to getting stronger, but he got even more powerful after getting a blue upgrade through a cosmic force.

Hulk is no stranger to becoming different colors as a hero, but the longtime Avenger acquired one of his most powerful forms when he became Marvel Blue Hulk. In Captain Universe: The Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner has been chosen as the new host of the Uni-Power. After assuming the incredible cosmic powers, he took on a new shade of blue and temporarily became one of the most powerful versions of the Hulk.

Many know the Hulk as the Jade Giant, as the Avenger has been portrayed as green for almost all of his existence in Marvel Comics. However, the character underwent one of the most famous changes after debuting in Pontoon #1 as gray, not green. Stan Lee decided to make the character green shortly after debut due to ink/coloring issues. The change worked for Marvel and Lee and artist Jack Kirby, as the green monster would become one of his most popular heroes. But, in the comics, the Hulk reverted to his old gray form; several versions of Hulks have been red, and some even have orange. However, one of his coolest transformations was when the Hulk turned blue.


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In Captain Universe: The Incredible Hulk by Jay Faerber, Carlos Magno, Al Vey, Guru-eFX, and VC’s Rus Wooton, the Uni-Power choose Hulk as their temporary host. The Incredible Power Cosmic reveals he’s been compromised and wants the Hulk’s power so he can learn more about his own power loss. The Uni-Power promises to put down the Hulk until Bruce Banner can meet a scientist who can help the Uni-Power. However, after meeting the scientist, the hero of the Avengers is ambushed by others in search of the Uni-Power. After the Uni-Power is stolen from Banner, he transforms into the Hulk, as the scientist helps return the power to the hero. This in turn turns him into the Blue Hulk.

Uni-Power Blue Hulk

With the Uni-Power, the Blue Hulk rips through a series of attacking robots and claims, “Hulk really is the strongest there is.” It proves to be indestructible and powerful as ever during its rampage. After the attack results in the death of the man who was trying to steal his powers, the Blue Hulk escapes and enlists the help of Matt Murdock to prove the scientist’s innocence in the murder. The next issue features the Uni-Power jumping into a new host, Daredevil.

Blue Hulk Marvel Comics

It would be fun to see Blue Hulk get another shot at the incredible Uni-Power, as the cosmic force was recently seen teaming up with Venom and making him the God of Light. Marvel Blue Hulk was a short-lived upgrade that made Marvel’s strongest hero even more powerful. It’s a shame it didn’t last for the Avenger.

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