Marvel’s New Spider-Verse Hero NIGHT-SPIDER Is Black Cat’s Coolest Form Ever

Marvel Comics has unveiled a new hero, Night-Spider, who will make his comic book debut in an all-new Edge of Spider-Verse series.

Warning! Spoilers for Marvel Edge of Spider-Verse event below

marvel’s spider worms is coming back in a big way, as a new series will see the introduction of a new hero, Night-Spider, who is black cats spider-hero variant. Marvel Comics revealed a new Edge of Spider-Verse limited series, who will open Marvel’s spider worms once again and feature the debut of a handful of characters, including the alternate version of Felicia Hardy – who has a spectacular design courtesy of artist Kris Anka.

marvel’s spider worms Dan Slott, Olivier Coipel and Justin Ponsor’s event opened up the spider side of the multiverse like never before. The event featured new Earths and web-slingers from different realities, including the introduction of Spider-Gwen. The crossover ended up being the main inspiration for the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Versewho brought several heroes to animation spider worms, including Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Ham. With the film a huge success (a sequel is coming out later this year), Marvel Comics is once again diving into the spider wormswhile introducing an all-new hero named Night-Spider.


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Marvel Comics recently unveiled a new five-issue limited series titled Edge of Spider-Verse, which will bring together a handful of web-slingers, including Araña, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Gwen and Spider-Man: India. Each issue will feature three new stories that will ultimately tie into The end of the spider verse, launching later this year. Writer Dan Slott returns for the series and will work alongside a rotating cast of writers and artists, including Alex Segura, Karla Pacheco and Mark Bagley. Additionally, artist Kris Anka has designed a new spider worms hero named Night-Spider, as the Black Cat variant will play on a cover for Edge of Spider-Verse #3.

Night-Spider combines Felicia Hardy’s black cat with Spider-Man, as the hero keeps his usual black and white color scheme but gets a more spider-themed costume. Night-Spider has a giant white spider logo on his back, a white webbing across the middle of his chest, and an eye mask that seamlessly blends Black Cat and Spider-Man’s most iconic masks.

Night-Spider isn’t the only new spider worms hero who will make his first appearance in Edge of Spider-Verse while Kraven the Hunter is getting his own Hunter-Spider variant, and Spider-Laird will also debut. So you can bet there will be more new characters appearing in the limited series as well.

Kris Anka’s design is brilliant, as Night-Spider is undoubtedly Felicia Hardy, but the usual Black Cat gets a spider worms turn. The result is a costume that should have readers incredibly excited for Night-Spider to make his Marvel Comics debut. It seemed inevitable that Black Cat would get a variant spider worms hero, but Anka’s design is better than anyone could have imagined. New Black cat the variant will debut in the next Edge of Spider-Verse limited series from Marvel Comics, which will begin in August.

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