Missouri inmate shares final words before execution

BONNE TERRE, Mo. – The execution of Carman Deck, 56, was carried out by Missouri State on Tuesday.

Deck was convicted of murdering an innocent De Soto couple in 1996. After the execution at the State Correctional Center in Bonne Terre, a statement on behalf of Governor Mike Parson was read by Anne Precythe, director of the department Missouri Corrections.

This undated photo shows Carman Deck. (Missouri Department of Corrections via AP File)

“James and Zelma have long been innocent victims of Carman Deck’s heinous violence,” she said. “Justice was served tonight. The Department of Corrections has carried out the sentence recommended by the jury and ordered by the court. Our thoughts remain with the family members of the victim and hope they can find a solution.

Deck released a closing statement making no mention of the murders. The handwritten note expressed hope that the world would find peace one day and ended with the words: “Please give love, show love, BE LOVE!”

The Longs’ family members have chosen not to release a statement. 14 family members traveled to Bonne Terre to witness the execution.

Members of Missourians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty staged protests in several neighborhoods across the city on Tuesday. One of the protesters was Michelle Smith, the group’s director of community engagement and outreach.

“Killing someone because they killed someone doesn’t seem like a very good idea to stop killing,” she said.

Smith said it’s often someone who is poor or has underlying issues who wind up on death row. Deck’s death sentence was overturned three times before the execution was carried out more than 25 years after the Longs’ murder.

Read the final Deck note below:

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