Muslims should fight to end all religious symbolism in the classroom

What other position could they take? The answer is simple: they could adopt the progressive, modern, secular and “Indian” position. Instead of trying to preserve their small socio-religious privileges, they might offer to give them up – for the greater good – on condition that other communities also give up their exclusive privileges.

Instead of being on the defensive, they should take the fight back – only demanding that it be a fight that also takes place within other communities. In short, to set an example, instead of insisting on saying “Allahu Akbar” in public, they should offer to give it up, as long as similar religious slogans – such as “Jai Shri Ram” – are also removed from the domain. public. .

This matter can and should be extended to other areas: customs, eating habits, official functions, color codes, clothing of leaders, etc. like something else. It’s not just Muslims who can be “recognized by their clothes”, to quote a famous speech.

There is a complete lack of imagination on the part of Muslim leaders in India. This failure cannot be blamed on the secular Hindu leaders of the opposition parties, because they cannot make this decision on behalf of the Muslims without automatically falling into an apparently “community” position.

They can only stand up and fight for the rights of Muslims as Muslims. But Muslim leaders can fight for the rights of all Indians – which would also include all Muslims. Time and again he failed to do so. This has provided the Hindutva parties with all the ammunition they need to continue setting the agenda – and winning. So what will happen next? I’ll crane my neck and make a prediction, though I generally avoid such media gimmicks. But this prediction is too obvious.

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