NewFronts: Vevo adds long-form content to lineup for CTV

Music video service Vevo, pushing further into connected TV, said it would add more long-form content to its lineup.

During its NewFront presentation on Thursday, May 5, Vevo executives said the new lineup will include live performances and full concert footage.

Vevo is also looking to lean into daytime programming, with more channel covers by artists and celebrities and new music video shows weekly.

“Vevo has adopted a TV-everywhere strategy with a mix of linear channels and a new and improved Vevo on-demand app,” Jesse Judelman, senior vice president of sales, Americas, at Vevo. “While you can find our popular on-demand app on all major platforms, Vevo is the backbone of linear streaming services. For example, after years of developing the Vevo app on the Roku platform, we now also schedule multiple Vevo channels as part of their FAST [free, ad-supported TV] programming on The Roku Channel.

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For advertisers, Vevo said it develops dynamic and interactive ad experiences designed for the TV screen. Vevo is working with ad technology companies such as TripleLift and Infillion to create the new ad units.

Vevo is also developing Moods, its contextual offer. More mood categories are created for advertisers to target.

“Just as different types of pop culture are being consumed faster in the CTV environment, so are music videos,” said Vevo President of Sales and Distribution Kevin McGurn. “Vevo gives advertisers an option to measure, as well as unparalleled flexibility in how you deal with us.” ■

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