Nightwing takes on a terrifying new form in DC vs Vampires Cover Art

In a new variant cover for DC vs. Vampires, Nightwing takes on a gruesome new form. The issue is scheduled for March 22, 2022.

Warning! Spoiler for DC Vampire Slayer #6

In a new variant cover for DC Vampire Slayer, night wing takes on a terrifying new form. Artist Francesco Mattina’s card stock variant is set to release with DC Vampire Slayer #6 on March 22, 2022. The issue written by Matthew Rosenberg and James Tynion IV, with artwork by Otto Schmidt, should scare Dick Grayson fans.

Throughout the limited series DC Vampire Slayer, the DC Universe has encountered an army of undead monsters. Some members of the Justice League have been overwhelmed, joining the vampires as they rule the planet. No one in the DC Universe’s pantheon is safe from their threat, as vampires recruit the world’s most powerful beings to their ranks. On previous covers, Batman, Green Arrow, Hal Jordan Green Lanternand Wonder Woman are among the few A-list heroes who have come dangerously close to the vampiric army.


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Now Nightwing joins the heroes as he appears to lose the fight in Francesco Mattina’s gruesome cardstock variant cover for DC Vampire Slayer #6. Flying alongside a swarm of bats, Nightwing’s vampiric new appearance matches his costume. As we approach the halfway point of the limited series, dc the vampire slayer doesn’t fire any shots as Dick Grayson appears to fall horribly. According to the released synopsis, “Batman takes over the vampires who have infiltrated the Justice League…but the Vampire King finally reveals himself, and it will be the most jaw-dropping moment of 2022!” The shocking, best-selling series reaches its bloody midpoint! »

Join Green Lantern Hal Jordan as a Vampire, the two could create an intriguing dynamic and a massive threat to the surviving members of the Justice League. Nightwing has always possessed a dark side, so this vampire iteration of the hero might just highlight things fans are already familiar with. While Hal was once a physical force, the formally powerless Nightwing now appears to have powers he can use. Appropriately based on Bats, his abilities are a natural extension of his personality, previously fighting crime alongside Batman.

As the limited series draws to a close, the nightmare that has become Dick Grayson could lead many heroes to convert to the dark side. The DC Universe Might Still Have Heroes Standing While Hal Is A Vampire, But The Man formed by the dark knight might be enough to change the behavior. the apparently night wingquestion centered on DC Vampire Slayer #6 released on March 22, 2022.

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