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IRVING, TX, February 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The enforced and time-limited Form I-9 verification process, especially for remote hires, is now old news! HR and Immigration Compliance Product, AboutBlick announced its network of authorized representatives who can simplify Form I-9 verification for employers.

Despite their experience with the process, HR professionals rarely miss important details. Workplace restrictions related to COVID-19 have compounded this problem. For example, due to COVID-19 flexibilities, HR may verify employee documents through scanned copies and video calls to complete the verification process remotely, but USCIS considers it incomplete until the supporting documents are physically verified in the presence of the employee. This is stressful for employers, they need to track remote hires who have taken advantage of COVID-19 flexibility and start the physical verification process again once the flexibility is over (April 30and2022 to date).

To make the verification process efficient and unique, OnBlick provides a network of approximately 5,000 authorized representatives in 490 cities and towns across the United States. Employees can choose the nearest representative to physically verify their documents and complete Section 2 of Form I-9. on behalf of the employer.

OnBlick’s network of authorized representatives includes trained professionals familiar with Form I-9 and the document verification process. Representatives can complete verification through OnBlick’s SaaS portal. Employers and their employees have control over the scheduling process. They have the ability to reschedule appointments if necessary.

What’s even better is that the whole process happens electronically with just a click of buttons! Integrated with USCIS guidelines for electronic Form I-9, OnBlick ensures I-9 compliance for businesses leveraging the product and its services. Employees can thus have a hassle-free experience while undergoing the I-9 completion and verification process.

“At OnBlick, our goal is to provide technology solutions that can simplify compliance issues that businesses encounter on a regular basis. We believe that our network of authorized representatives will make the I-9 process compliant, providing an excellent customer experience. ‘integration’, says Krishna GarimellaCEO of OnBlick.

About OnBlick

AboutBlick is a SaaS product that streamlines human resources and immigration compliance for businesses in the United States. It helps companies reduce expenses with cost-effective HR BPA solutions and I-9 Audit services.

You can log in with OnBlick at LinkedIn.

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