Painting Exhibit Rich in Symbolism Comes to Nanaimo’s Art 10 Gallery – Nanaimo News Bulletin

Large paintings loaded with symbolism and metaphor are on display this month at the Art 10 gallery.

Bowser-based painter James Kelly is the gallery’s featured artist in February.

He presents a series of paintings in yellow and orange, colors he says evoke new life and energy. Images in the work include a pyramid, representing unity and harmony, the phoenix, emblematic of rebirth, and the phrase “glory of God” in Persian script.

Kelly said that while it may seem like her paintings are thought out in advance, that’s not the case. He said sometimes the meaning hits him months or years later.

“The way I work is I paint paintings and oftentimes I don’t understand them, so they go through processes where it takes years and they keep developing,” Kelly said. “So this all started a while ago, but they’ve still been painted recently.”

WHAT’S THIS… James Kelly is exhibiting at Art 10 Gallery, Nanaimo North Town Center until the end of February.

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