Pokemon Fan Creates New Rotom Joy-Con Form

A Pokemon fan shows off his new Joy-Con, which has been possessed by a Rotom, improving the device’s battery life and range.

There are currently around 900 Pokemon available for players to catch and collect. With pokemon scarlet and Purple along the way, the number of Pokemon available will likely reach 1000. Even among those hundreds of Pokemon, there are few as unique as Rotom, a Ghost/Electric type introduced in the 4th Gen of Pokemon Games. Rotom may not immediately stand out, although over the years it has received an interesting amount of form updates that change Rotom’s type, design, and more.


Most of Rotom’s forms stem from his ability to possess electrical devices. There’s the Fan Rotom, which takes the form of a fan and gains the Flying type, the Mow Rotom, which looks like a lawn mower and gains the Grass type, and a few others for players to find. Fans have found this aspect of Rotom unique within the franchise, with some Pokemon players even create their own Rotom forms based on other devices such as a lava lamp and an alarm clock.

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A Pokemon fan decided to give Rotom a new form based on the Nintendo Switch console. Specifically, user SelenoFil on Reddit has created a custom Joy-Con Rotom, which allows Pokemon to take control of controllers. SelenoFil describes how the Joy-Con is enhanced by owning Rotom in their post, stating that the Joy-Con’s range and battery life are extended. There’s also an interesting piece about Rotom’s ability to press buttons on his own, manifesting “plasma hands”.

This note on Rotom’s ability to play the Nintendo Switch on his own fans inspired a few jokes about the Joy-Con drift issue, with some saying they must have a Rotom in their Joy-Con due to the displacement of the control stick. random directions. Joy-Con drift is an issue that many Switch owners have encountered when owning the console. An issue with the Switch’s hardware is causing it to register controller movement without player input, and Nintendo is still working on a fix for this issue.

Whether or not Rotom’s new form causes the Joy-Con to drift, fans also enjoyed SelenoFil’s art. It’s clear there’s a lot of detail in the fan-made Pokémon, though other fans were quick to add a few more points about the new Rotom. One commenter even gave the Joy-Con form a full list of stats and its type. For the Joy-Con Rotom, a few fans think it should be a regular Electric-type Pokémon, losing its double strike with this one form.

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