Positive symbolism abounds in Lindsey Erin’s ‘Boundless Blooms’ which opens Friday at Park City Fine Art

Lindsey Larsen-Myer, known professionally as Lindsey Erin, created a series of vanity-inspired works filled with images that convey positivity. The works will be in his “Boundless Blooms” which opens Friday at Park City Fine Art.
Courtesy of Lindsey Erin Larsen-Myer

Visual artist Lindsey Erin Larsen-Myer’s study of endless opportunity unfolds in her new exhibition, “Boundless Blooms.”

The exhibition of seven paintings will open Nov. 12-14 at Park City Fine Art, a gallery owned by his brother Colby Larsen.

Larsen-Myer, known professionally as Lindsey Erin, wanted to create a series of vanity-inspired works filled with images that evoke positivity.

“Vanitas are allegorical paintings full of flowers and things that convey moral messages to people,” Larsen-Myer said. “The messages from the vanitas were about living to the fullest and the notion of rebirth, and what I’m really tapping into with this new series is divine design and our ability to grow and flourish.”

The artist wanted to push the idea of ​​unlimited potential as an empowering response to the pandemic, turmoil and division the world has faced over the past year and a half.

“I feel like the past few months have been so difficult for some people, but somehow we’ve managed to come out of the ugliness and create beauty wherever we are. “, she said. “I’m painting one last piece for the show, and it’s called ‘Diamond Mine’ and I like the analogy that diamond is only created by an incredible amount of pressure and refined by fire.”

One of the paintings in Lindsey Erin’s “Boundless Blooms” exhibit at Park City Fine Art features a swan, a symbol of rebirth and beauty.
Courtesy of Lindsey Erin Larsen-Myer

Another work features a swan, which is also a symbol of rebirth and beauty for Larsen-Myer.

“I think right now there are so many people struggling with their self-esteem and their identity,” she said. “So I wanted to create a piece that reflects the idea that you are beautiful and divinely designed inside and out. Sometimes we need to retrain our minds to have more positivity and beautiful thoughts about us. ourselves, because we let the intimidating remarks of others turn us into something we are not.

While all of Larsen-Myer’s works feature her signature floral bouquets, she designs each work on the computer, before painting the image on canvas.

The process allows him to evaluate and adjust the images based on his ideas.

“When musicians release an album, all the track listings might be consistent, but there’s this underlined wonder of where the songs came from,” she said. “The paintings, like the songs on an album, have their own melody, but they come together and come out of the obstacles and push the boundaries that I felt.”

One of the exhibit’s centerpieces is an astronaut, who symbolizes crossing boundaries and venturing into the unknown, Larsen-Myer said.

“Coincidentally, when I started painting this, a few days later, the SpaceX Inspiration IV rocket went into orbit, and one of the passengers was a nurse, who had battled cancer when she was younger” , she said. “It was so touching for me, but also so fortuitous, because the idea of ​​astronaut is that we have the potential to do and experience things that we might never have thought of in our dreams. If only we could break away from the gravitational pull of self-doubt and bad habits.

The works in this exhibition, like all his other pieces, adhere to a mantra that Larsen-Myer coined a few years ago – “Breathe, Believe, Bloom and Become”.

“I sign these four Bs on the back of my artwork because that’s what it’s all about,” she said.

In addition to paintings by Larsen-Myer, the exhibit will include living floral arrangements and installations by Shawn Chamberlain of Flower Bar Co., located in Midway.

According to Larsen-Myer, many Park City residents know Shawn through his nonprofit organization called Full Bloom.

“What I love about her presence is that her work helps bring everything to life with the energy of the living flowers that complement the paintings,” she said. “I also love collaborating with another woman, because we can show how we rise by sharing our talents with our world. I am delighted that she brings her talents and joins the show.

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