Priyanka Gandhi seeks support from women to form next government in Uttar Pradesh

On Wednesday, Congress Secretary General Priyanka Gandhi Vadra called for women’s support in upcoming Assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh to form the state’s next government, even as she again attacked the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for “selling out” public sector companies to private actors.

Priyanka, who interacted with women in Sirsaganj in Firozabad district of UP, assured them that her party would take several measures for the welfare of women if it came to power.

“Women have to face many problems in their lives. They have to struggle to get an education, and they also face difficulties after marriage. Political parties only make big promises at election time and forget about them once once the election is over,” she said.

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Priyanka said her party released a separate election manifesto for women, which includes the party’s promises to them. “Give us a chance and see the change in your lives,” the Congress leader told one of the women, who recounted the issues she faced.

In response to a question from a Shina, a local resident, who worked in a wristband manufacturing factory, about creating job opportunities for them in the villages, Priyanka said Congress was working on a plan to providing jobs for women in the villages.

Responding to another question about women’s safety, the Congress leader said her party had promised to recruit 25% women into the police force and provide them with legal aid when needed.

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Priyanka asked women not to vote on the basis of caste and to support the party which they believed would improve their condition. “You have to realize your potential. If you come together, you can bring about the desired change,” she said.

A large number of women had come to participate in the program. Priyanka then mingled with the women and inquired about their welfare.

The congress leader held meetings with women in different parts of the state and solicited their support. Her party had also organized “women’s marathons” in different divisions of the UP in which thousands of women had participated.

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