Seattle investors back new startup Pictory that aims to automate short-form video production

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The news: Pictograma Seattle startup that helps content creators and marketers create short videos, raised a $2.1 million seed round.

Technology : Pictory’s software automates much of the video creation process. It can automatically convert long videos (like webinars) and text content (like long articles) into short video clips using artificial intelligence. The idea is to provide a faster and cheaper option than hiring a video production agency or using tools like Adobe Premiere. Picture has over 5,000 customers.

The founders: Co-founders of Pictory Vikram Chalana, Abid Mohammadand Vishal Chalana started the business in 2019. Vikram and Vishal Chalana previously co-founded Winshuttle, a Seattle-area data management company acquired last year.

The quote: We saw how AI was used for content creation (GPT-3, for example) and we saw how design was democratized (Canva, for example) and we had the idea of ​​Pictory – the AI to democratize video production,” said Vikram Chalana. , who is CEO of the 10-person startup.

Investors : Seattle VC company FUSE led the round, which included participation from Traveling Capital. Seattle angel investors Bill Bryant, Omri Bahat and Bharat Shyam also invested.

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