Shroud says streaming is not a form of work

Streamer and former esports champion Shroud was asked by a follower during a session on December 6, 2021 if he had any plans to return to the world of professional gaming. The answer was that he probably never will because “working sucks”.

“You have to realize. I don’t like work. That’s why I stream,” Shroud said. “I don’t like work. Working sucks. So if there’s something that needs work and effort, I’m probably not going to do it.

When a follower pointed out that streaming itself was work, Shroud was quick to wonder if that was indeed the case. “Is streaming work? No, it’s not fucking work, it’s a fucking joke,” he argued. “Look, I’m sitting here doing nothing. I literally do nothing.


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The streamer went on to say that he barely considers the line of merchandise he manages to consider a real job. “It wasn’t a lot of work for me, though. I just choose. Many models were drawn and I said “yes” or I said “no”. It’s not really a lot of work,” he noted.

Shroud was a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player with Cloud9 from 2014 to 2018. He started his product line around the same time he turned to streaming, i.e. shortly time after retiring from the professional game. He has apparently barely worked a single day for the past four years.

The streamer probably wasn’t trying to be controversial, but his remarks come amid an ongoing conversation about whether or not streaming should be considered a form of work. Streamers have been increasingly open about the difficulties associated with this activity. Shroud is one of the few big league streamers to speak out so decisively on this side of the debate.

Shroud has a Twitch channel with over 9 million subscribers which is listed as one of the most popular on the platform. He also has a YouTube channel with nearly 7 million subscribers. His videos have racked up over 500 million views on Twitch and 800 million views on YouTube.

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