Society of Law & Literature, NLU Odisha (Submit by June 20)

Submission Guidelines

Authors: All submissions must be completed with a cover letter that includes the name of the author(s), organizational affiliation, title, and category of submission.

Nature of submissions: The Law and Literature Society, as the name suggests, not only focuses on legal and literary writings, but also encompasses extracurricular activities such as street theater, drama, film criticism, and more. It is well known that when deciding individual cases, judges prefer to engage in semantic juggling to better relate to different facets of a social structure that is reflected in a judgment.

Plagiarism: The submission must reflect the original, unpublished work of the author(s). However, the article allows a maximum similarity index of 10% and, in no case, a submission must exceed this authorized limit.

word limit: Submissions should ideally be between 1500 and 5000 words. This word limit excludes endnotes and all explanatory notes. The article, however, accepts submissions beyond this word limit if deemed necessary in light of the issue at hand.

Format: All submissions must be made in Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) format. The submission must adhere to the following formatting style: Font: Times New Roman; Font size: 12; Line spacing: 1.5; Margin: 2.5 inches on all sides and Alignment: justified.

Quotes: All endnotes should follow the Bluebook 20th Edition uniform citation style. Quotations may be relaxed for novice authors provided they declare their intention to do so. For endnotes, the following formatting style must match the font: Times New Roman; Font size: 10; Line Spacing: 1 and Alignment: Justified.

Anonymity: The author must maintain anonymity throughout the article and not disclose their name, the name of the institution, or any other information identifying the author in the article file.

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