Spider-Man’s Hulk Form Just Redefine Marvel’s Spider-Verse

The predators of the Spider-Verse have very few weaknesses, but now the many versions of Spider-Man have the perfect weapon: their very own Hulk!

Warning: contains spoilers for Hulk #4!

the spider worms may be filled with amazing heroes, but it also has its own predators – predators that may no longer be a concern given that they have one Spider Manit’s new Pontoon forms turning it into the ultimate weapon against them. This new character appears in Hulk #4, and has major implications for the multiverse. The issue was written by Donny Cates and drawn by Ryan Ottley.

The Spider-Verse Heirs are energy vampires that feed on animal-themed “totems” like Spider-Man. Earth-616’s Peter Parker initially faced only one heir, Morlun, who was one of his most dangerous enemies. Morlun is not alone, however. He is part of a family that travels the multiverse in search of totems to consume. After being defeated by Spider-Man, Morlun became obsessed with defeating other Spider-Men, which sparked the crossover events. spider worms and its sequel Spider-Geddon.


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These events brought together Spider-Heroes from countless realities, bringing together every version of the hero that Marvel could legally use. However, one version of Spidey that did not exist during either event is the one introduced in Hulk #4. In this comic, Earth-616’s Hulk travels the multiverse on an adventurous new quest, discovering a world where Peter Parker has been bitten by a gamma-irradiated spider and transformed into his reality’s Hulk. This Spider-Hulk is even bigger than the original and possesses incredible strength, as seen in the cover of issue 5 below. This version of Peter could of course be an incredibly powerful ally should the Inheritors return, but he also has another ability that makes him the Spider-Verse’s ultimate weapon against its predators.

Spider-man Hulk form

The Inheritors are virtually indestructible, nearly immortal in nature with clone bodies that allow them to be reborn endlessly. Their only notable weakness is radiation, which is the antithesis of the natural totemic energy they feed on. In fact, they were ultimately defeated by being trapped on an irradiated Earth with no way out. Too, Spider-Man initially beat Morlun increasing his radiation levels and then allowing the villain to feed on his energy. This same trick would be perfect for the new Spider-Hulk. Any heir who feeds on him would be poisoned by his gamma radiation, making him essentially immune to the heir’s food while still being one of the most powerful beings in existence.

The heirs are doomed to return as a threat eventually. When they do, Spider-Man and his allies will gather their army of Spider-Men across the multiverse in order to stop them. Now they will also have this Spider-Hulk at their disposal. The Spider-Heroes use advanced technology to attract allies from all realities, including some outright villains who are willing to work with them due to the threat of the Inheritors. Unless the event decides to abandon the tradition of collecting as many versions of Spider-Man as possible, it’s likely that Spider-Hulk will be involved, becoming the heirs’ biggest threat yet.

Heirs are quite underrated when it comes to their physical strength. Pendant Stowards pider, many Spider-Men thought they would be safe in a universe where Spider-Man still had the Enigma Force attached to him. This Captain Universe Spider-Man is extremely powerful, but when the Inheritors invaded his world, Morlun’s father was able to defeat him. Only a Hulk could stand a chance against the Inheritors in a direct fight, especially since their main mode of attack is energy feeding, and that wouldn’t be possible in this case. Spider Man and Pontoon fans should look forward to the sequel spider worms event, as the heroes have just received the greatest weapon they have ever had against the heirs.

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