Ten Words That Sound Really Rude When You Say Them Out Loud

I think we can all agree that the word “wet” is really, really nasty. Even when you use it to describe a cake or something, it doesn’t make the dessert appetizing at all. This makes it coarse and inedible.

There are some words that I just can’t bear to hear or say and I’ve made them up in a list that’s quite revolting and makes my stomach turn.

We begin with what is arguably the most universally despised word of all – the above. . .

And here’s another word that just gives me goosebumps. In fact, how come something that for all intents and purposes is used to describe a measure of food can be so unappetizing? Say that word out loud. Currently? Say it!

Didn’t that make you really uncomfortable?

If this one didn’t, this one will.

UGH!! And let’s be honest here. If you’re in a position where you have to use the word balm, chances are you did something really unfortunate to get there.

Oh, here’s a word that sends shivers down my spine!

The reason I hate the word “curd” is simply the fact that it’s often used to describe the consistency of the absolute worst food on the planet – cottage cheese. I’d rather saw my tongue than eat a plate of it or say the word “curd”. No thanks!

Credit Dr Pimple Popper for my disgust with that word.

I’m not sure there’s a word in the English language that paints a more lively and nauseating picture than the word “pustule”. I mean, it’s just awful. And, what comes out of a pustule? Yeah. Another really gnarly word – pus. Yuck!

And, like its predecessor “balm,” here’s another word that, if you use it, suggests you have an indescribable rash, rash, or leprosy.

Oh and oh!! How about this word?

Full confession here. If I drink orange juice, there is no doubt that it is pulp-free. I think one reason is that the pulp is basically the texture of hair and getting stuck on your lip while drinking a glass of juice is downright revolting. So goes the word!

The same can be said for this one! I think there must be something about the phonetics of the letter “P”.

My friend Beth always made fun of me because I didn’t like that next word. But is there a more sadly named body part than this? By the way, before going there, this question was rhetorical? LOL!

And then there is this word. . .

Still. Just say that word out loud. Lotion. Ugh! It makes me so uncomfortable that if I use said product (and I have to because I get really ashy in the winter) I won’t call it “lotion”. I’ll just refer to it by the brand name I use. Like “Hempz” or “Jergens”.

So what is a word that YOU think sounds really rude when you say it out loud?

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