Texas symbolism is embarrassing in Reddit’s big art project r/Place

UPDATE: It seems like it’s too late for Texas to add anything to r/Place. Around 5:50 p.m., Reddit users could only place white pixels on the mural. People who were trying to keep their pieces started unwittingly deleting them.

Communities that allegedly used bots to maintain artwork were then destroyed within minutes. It’s unclear if the project was hacked or if Reddit moderators decided to end the experiment early.

Either way, everything slowly dissolves into a white void.

The original story follows below.

Reddit is nearing the end of its five-day r/Place community art project and Texas, proud as it is, is largely absent from the online mural.

Texas, especially South-Central Texas, is a hodgepodge of symbols, commercial or cultural, and if you scan through the 1,999 by 1,999 pixel mural, you’ll notice there’s virtually no presence of these symbols on the site which debuted on Friday. , First of April.

How it works? r/Place lets you create images and art one pixel at a time. It can’t be done by one person, so online communities come together, create pixel art patterns, and have their communities work together to create the art.

It’s a huge online collaboration experience that has led to some beautiful, wild, colorful, hilarious, and downright vulgar creations. Click on such links at your own risk. Remember that this mural is a living, ever-changing work of art.

The University of Texas at Austin mascot is on set, but has been fighting for her life since Monday, April 4. A black mass of pixels led by a group called “The Void” tries to take over and other users continue to break the horns.

Other than that. There’s not much else in Texas symbolism for a state that’s so proud of itself that it has its own waffle iron. Texas A&M was there too but… well, the trolls weren’t that nice.

At the moment, it’s a war between different subreddit communities, groups that create pages within Reddit out of common interests. There are tons of memes, but the flags of the countries are very present on the mural.

The United States has struggled for a while, but they have a place on the board…for now.

Courtesy of Reddit

France took a big chunk of the picture which led to a veritable online pixel war between the French and Spanish online communities. Spain lost the first round, but they are now rally the K-Pop community to retaliate.

The American flag also has its place on the mural despite being trolled relentlessly. There is an ar/Texas subreddit that has over 430,000 members and an ar/SanAntonio community of 144,000 members who could build and defend a chicken on a stick.

The Texans only have until midnight Monday to add to the mural before it becomes a permanent digital image and the live painting is lost forever. Come on, Texas!

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