The Batman Villains Were Just Combined Into A Weird New Form

The deadly villains of Batman’s rogues gallery have just combined into one bizarre form on the murder of Nightwing, Red Hood and the other former Robins.

Warning: contains spoilers for Robins #3!

In the latest issue of Robins – a new series featuring BatmanThe former acolytes of – the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery are merged into a single bizarre form. The move comes as a group of Z-list villains – Giggles, Guffaw, Kitten, and Honeysuckle – use the Batcomputer’s massive files on Gotham’s villains to become their idols in an effort to defeat Nightwing, Red Hood, Red Robin. , Spoiler and Damien Wayne.

Robins came out of the DC Round Robin contest, which gave fans the chance to vote on which series they’d most like to see, and follows Batman’s various former Robins as they battle the machinations of a mysterious villain who claims to be the first Forgotten Robin. But while their hidden antagonist is very much in the picture, they’re not the main threat – it comes from a quartet of villains who consider themselves the “Robin” equivalents of many of Gotham’s deadliest killers.


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While these adversaries can’t even get Robin in trouble, they are armed with Triplux, a hard-light holographic material that allows them to become Joker, Poison Ivy, Penguin, and Catwoman. The technology runs on files stolen from Batman’s Batcomputer, and the Dark Knight is so methodical in chronicling his enemies that evil sidekicks are able to gain the looks and fighting styles of their mentors. Luckily, the technology has a weakness, as everything about the villains has been passed from Batman’s perspective, allowing the Robins to take the lead using moves taught to them by other mentors. Unfortunately, once the villains start losing, Giggles absorbs the Triplux from his allies, becoming a “nasty compound.” The resulting enemy is a giant jumble of Joker and Penguin bodies with Catwoman’s ears and claws, and a gigantic (presumably offensive) bloom for Poison Ivy. The problem comes from Baldemar Rivas and Tim Seeley.

Batman rogue villain robins composite gallery

Luckily for the Robins (but not for the fans who wanted to see what this amalgamation villain can do), the power quickly proves too much for Giggles, and Damian is able to land a knockout blow, singing, “Watch as I defeat the entire Batman rogues gallery with one hand.” Unfortunately, the Robins’ hidden enemy isn’t far from over, and it turns out the villains were just an excuse for a second act that leaves the newfound family doubting more than ever.

The Robins initially got together to discuss whether they felt being Batman’s sidekick was a good thing, and whether Bruce had helped or hurt them by allowing each of them to become Robin. Gotham’s composite villain is both a representation of the danger each of the Robins was subjected to as children and a manifestation of how young minds can be warped into new forms by harmful influences. The Robins must abandon Batman’s teaching to defeat the villains his paranoid precautions have helped reinforce, and Nightwing informs Bruce that after this experience he is convinced that creating the idea of ​​”Robin” was a mistake.

Although Dick doesn’t yet have the full picture of how he’s being manipulated, the composite villain realizes his worst fears of what ‘Robin’ can really be, with Bruce Wayne utterly committed to his mission to reshape impressionable young people according to his own dark vision. . Fans probably didn’t see the end of Triplux technology in Robins, and it’s possible the team will get yet another rematch against the bizarre fused form of Batmanthe most famous villains.

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