The Buttermilk Jamboree 2022 revisited in words and photos

The first Buttermilk Jamboree since 2019 went off without a hitch with fan-friendly performances and a family atmosphere. Check out a recap and photo galleries.

Resplendent return: Participants at last weekend’s Buttermilk Jamboree. (Photo/Derek Ketchum)


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The final day of the Buttermilk Jamboree summed up the entire weekend of the first family-friendly festival at the Circle Pines Center in Delton since 2019.

A Stellar Sunday bragged about West Michigan’s performance Elisabeth Pixley Fink as well as the Selwyn Birchwood National Tour.

Sharing a tent with the festival’s only beer caravan, folk-tinged singer-songwriter Elisabeth Pixley Fink and special guest Samantha Cooper softened the crowd with light and airy folk cuts.

Sporting masterfully harmonized vocals, a fiddle, and a reverb-soaked Fender Stratocaster, Pixley-Fink weaved a Mississippi sound into the still air of western Michigan. After their set, a lady from the audience shouted, “After you do one more, the next band can come,” to which the crowd started shouting, “Do one more!

Pixley-Fink agreed and gave the audience an entirely a capella rendition of Phil Phillips’ “Sea of ​​Love”.

Selwyn Birchwood & Band: A highlight of Saturday. (Photo/Benjamin Blackburn)

Meanwhile, Tampa, Florida, blues crusher Selwyn Birch and his band set the surrounding forest ablaze with a stellar backing band and searing guitar solos, kicked off by the talented frontman.

It was clear that the audience was anticipating this performance, as the individuals were on their feet and ready to dance before even a single member set foot on stage. Performing several songs from their new Billboard #1 album, “Living in a Burning House,” Birchwood provided the festival with an electric blues discharge.

“It worked out with the tour we were doing this week that we were able to get through, we ended up driving another five hours north of where we were last night, but when you all make us feel welcome like that, it’s it’s worth it,” said Birchwood.

Tying the bow at the weekend festival, reggae band with Caribbean influences Lion of Zion sent fellow festival attendees home on Sunday night with authentic island vibe curation.

Zion Lion performed original tracks, plus a collection of covers by Ziggy Marley, Bob Marley, Lucky Dube and more.

Although the crowd was thin, as the festival drew to a close, Zion Lion finished Buttermilk with a bang.

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PHOTO GALLERY: Buttermilk Jamboree, Day 2
Pictures of Derek Ketchum

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