The film feeds on sound and symbolism

With land of wasteNetflix brings another splendid psychological thriller to its viewers.

Set in the middle of nowhere, the film relies on paranoia and scares to create moments of horror. The splendid cast of three and the beautiful yet eerie settings of the vast expanse, capture the essence of The land of waste.

A brief summary of The Wasteland

A lonely family living in the middle of nowhere is torn apart when an unseen evil decides to visit them. After escaping the country’s terrible war, Diego and his parents isolated themselves in the middle of a vacant lot.

However, peace is nowhere to be found. The threat of the unknown hangs over them and when one day they find an injured man afloat on a boat in the current, their life changes.

Diego’s father told him stories of “the beast” lurking near the horizon, but little did the young boy know that it was getting closer day by day. When Diego’s father sets off on a perilous journey leaving him and his mother behind, the threat of the supernatural is brought home.

Each day the two live in fear, seeing things near the horizon that seem to come closer to them with each passing day. However, the beast has already invaded their safe space and taken over their lives. Will Diego manage to escape his clutches?

The Wasteland feeds on sounds and symbolism

What’s fantastic land of waste This is how the director chose to develop his horror. With little focus on visual horror, director David Casademunt balanced the whole genre on sound and symbolism.

The beast barely appears in his form throughout the film. It is manifested by sound and symbolic effects. Throughout the first half of the film, the wooden figures are used as symbolism for the beast which has been described as “hollow”.

In the second half, he was portrayed through darkness, reflections and silhouettes. In a single scene, the beast had a distinct visual representation.

Throughout the film, an atmosphere of fear and paranoia was created using only sounds, whether it be sudden loud noises or suspenseful music. The latter is in fact the essential of the horror genre.

It is truly commendable that the director created the moment of hysteria and horror in land of waste only on these aspects.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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