The medical questionnaire for real estate loan insurance

Medical formalities should never be taken lightly. Before signing and returning your file, it is recommended that you read the general conditions of the contract carefully and pay close attention to the health questionnaire. A false home loan insurance statement sometimes comes from simple inaccuracy or omission.

Take care to answer each question

Take care to answer each question

Among the questions that appear in the medical questionnaire of any insurance contract whether it is a classic temporary death (death insurance contract) or credit insurance, some may be open to interpretation.

In case of doubt, it is advisable to seek the advice of a doctor or to have clarifications provided by the insurer in writing. 

Are you currently undergoing medical treatment?

this is to specify any form of treatment prescribed by your doctor. Do not underestimate a recent prescription because you think the problem is mild.

Have you had any exams that required more than 15 days off?

In general, this question is followed by a few examples. Please note, these are in no way limiting. The little “etc.” which points at the end of the sentence invites you to indicate any origin of the judgment. In general, the insurer only goes back over the last 5 years.

Do you have a disability or a physical impairment?

This question is open to interpretation by the insurer. We strongly advise you in case of doubt to question the insurer and ask that he provide you with a written response.

Have you been the victim of an accident that left after-effects or injuries?

Imagine having recurring knee pain that is not the result of an accident that you have suffered in the past. How to interpret this question? How to correctly answer the health questionnaire? Should we talk about his current knee sequelae when they are in no way the consequence of the accident.

Again, it is better to play the perfect transparency with the insurer. Your doctor may be the best counsel in this situation. 

Do you suffer from respiratory failure?

In many cases, it will not be easy to relate the medical problem to respiratory failure. Do not fill lightly and ask your doctor for advice

If the form is misinterpreted, the consequences could be disastrous for the insured. Note that the insurance code protects the insurance company in the event of a false declaration. Our advice: if you have any doubts, seek a reliable answer either from your attending physician or from the insurance company’s medical adviser. Your interpretation of a sequelae occurring after an illness or an operation will not be the same as that of the medical camp. If you face a bank refusal for medical history, you can demand that it applies the AERAS convention which obliges any credit institution to seek alternative solutions in the event of refusal on the part of the insurer.

Questions related to the medical questionnaire for a mortgage

Questions related to the medical questionnaire for a mortgage

On the sidelines of the form itself, be aware that certain contracts and in particular those chosen by external delegation question your sports practices. If you are walking, skiing or biking for your pleasure, the insurer will not apply any increase. On the other hand, if you practice risky sports (paragliding, scuba diving…) on a regular basis or if you are competing, it is quite possible that your rate will be increased.
The same applies if you exercise a risky professional activity. The increase does not always apply to all coverages and only affects death and disability.

Contact several insurers

Contact several insurers

Since the 2010 Lagarde reform on borrower insurance, you can freely choose your borrower insurance contract. Only one obligation: if you opt for an external delegation, the guarantees offered by the contract must be at least equivalent to those offered by the group insurance contract. 


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