Wolverine’s Cyborg Form Gives His Claws A Surprising New Power

A new cybernetic Wolverine has been created to hunt the secret founder of the X-Men nation of Krakoa, and his claws have grown even more deadly.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for X Wolverine Deaths #2

In the latest issue of the new Marvel X Death of Wolverine series, a new cybernetic version of Wolverine has been created with powerful claws that do more than slash enemies. While the connection X lives of Wolverine the series sees the X-Men focused on the past and attempting to save Professor Xavier’s life, X deaths sees Moira MacTaggert on the run, escaping this new Dark Wolverine who has gone rogue thanks to the Phalanx, taking with him a dark match for the future of the X-Men island nation of Krakoa.

During Marvel’s prequel Hell event, Moira’s powers as a secret mutant were removed by Mystique, meaning she will not be reincarnated upon her death. Moira was also revealed to have cancer due to her time in Krakoa, meaning time is running out for her to make her last life count. To top it off, this dark Cyborg Wolverine is mysteriously born and connected to the Phalanx, an evil cybernetic race from outer space. Having encountered the Phalanx in one of his previous lives, it seems this cyborg Wolverine was sent Terminator-style to eliminate him.


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While Moira is a fugitive and a runaway from both Mystique and that rogue Wolverine, X Wolverine Deaths #2 by Benjamin Percy and Federico Vicentini shows that the cyborg mutant has a new technology-based power in which he can use his claws to download information from a computer. As such, it’s a whole different kind of “hack and hack” than what Wolverine is generally known for. Given these new powers and upgrades coming from the Advanced Phalanx, it’s possible this Wolverine could even hack Iron Man’s armor or even Ultron with this new cybernetic form.


While there’s still a lot of mystery behind this Cyborg Wolverine and what he’s truly capable of, this new issue opens up a wide range of tech conflicts for the living weapon (an area he’s not usually taken into consideration). account). As such, this is precisely why he might be underestimated in upcoming issues. With the X-Men and the real Wolverine being so focused on the Russians using time travel to attack them in the past, they may be unaware of what’s happening in the present with that dark Logan probably teasing a bigger attack. Phalanx in the future. once Moira is treated.

Either way, this Cyborg Wolverine does indeed possess tech-based powers on top of his expected abilities, making him a true force to be reckoned with. While Moira seems intent on eliminating him before he kills her, she seems to be way over her head. Being stalked by a thief Wolverine would have been bad enough, but a cyborg version with cybernetic claws ups the ante in this ongoing series to a deadly degree.

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